505: Two Worlds 2(plus 35 other items purchased)

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Anyway bought about 35 more items off of amazon which ended up costing me about $260 all together. and here they I'm not listing the prices for all of them since it would end up taking forever. and hopefully I can get through this blog without it screwing up somewhere in between.


Two Worlds 2

Playstation 3 Game #106

Price: $9.99

was told this was better then first, but I guess if not at least I didn't spend too much on it. hopefully it doesn't make feel sick if I play it for a long period of time

also bought


A Fringe-Obeserver T Shirt, a Dragon T-shirt and a Pokemon Reishram-Zekram tshirt

prices ranging from $17-$20 each

also bought



Pokemon Movie/TV.Show animation cards x 2 each I think for first movie and t.vshow and 1 for pokemon 2000

and bought


Digimon Cards

and also bought


Card binder ring along with more Binder sleeves x 2, hopefully I bought the right sized binder this time, if not guess I'll try walmart instead.

also bought


Pokemon Card Theme Deck-Green Tornado

Price: $14

and bought


Shadow Tamer and Light of Intervention

used to own these before so bought them again

also used to own Swords of Revealing Light, Monster Reborn, Mirror Force and a Dragon Card I forgot the name of.



Bought Prime Material Dragon and the rest of these cards all because I like the card design wonder if that is bad

almost forgot bought these cards too


I'd say Light and Darkness dragon is fitting for me and sylver, elemental dragons of light and darkness.

also bought more Pokemon Cards



Flareon, Glaceon and Zebstrika Card along with


Black/White Booster pack x3


Dragons exalted x5

and also bought My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Cards



price: $45


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Tin

which cost about $20

so I just spent over $50 on My Little Pony cards, and who knows how much on cards in general


reminds me think I took some lion king quiz years ago and score Kiara at 98% wonder if I should be concerned.

and was looking on amazon at posters for dragons and saw this epic picture


As for other things Pokemon White I caught a Deino which I'll be leveling up to a Hydreigon then going to the Elite 4

and played the Resident Evil Revelations demo for PS3 just as good as the Nintendo 3DS game. so might buy it on PS3 sometime too

and 15 days until Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages on Nintendo 3DS VC.

after not buying cards in years I turn around and buy a bunch. after buying this many probably should take a break from buying them.

and there is another Fringe shirt I want to get sometime along with a dragon and wolf one and Mew shirt but that is at Hot-topic.

and still waiting on some of the other items I ordered last blog or two which I should get May 17th I think

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