495: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness

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Anyway, did buy a couple games at Gamestop today. and would be these two


Pokemon Myster Dungeon Explorers of Darkness

Nintendo DS Game #30

Price: $12.99

I take it the Story is the same as Explorers of the Sky since that is only other Mystery Dungeon game I have, I picked Vulpix, and Chikorita last time as for Darkness I picked Torchic and Chikorita.

and the other game.


Pokemon Platinum

Nintendo DS Game #31

Price: $29.99

Bought Pokemon Platinum as well considering it was getting expensive online I think too bad they didn't have Boxes for them.

Guess I'll have to buy them.

Guess all I have left to get in the main entry series is Pokemon Firered and Emerald left. Spin off series I guess up next will be either Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs, Pokepark Pikachu's Adventure, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Conquest or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team.

On another note did go to the hospital to see what my heart rate was at apperently was at 108 a bit higher then it should be, though I think it has been rather high for past few weeks or so and think they said I had a slightly high white blood cell count think 20.6 I'm not sure something with a .6 in it anyway. and looks like that a local Bar in Town caught on fire as well.


As for Games, can't remember what I played on PS3. or Xbox 360 last. Still waiting on Virtua Quest for Nintendo Gamecube to come in the mail. mostly been playing Pokemon Black 2 at the moment and the current Pokemon I'm using in Pokemon Black 2

Milotic level 27

Flaafy level 21

Luxio level 18

Bayleef level 22

Swellow level 26

Spoink level 24

also using

Lucario level 21

Snivy level 16

Absol level 22

Ponyta level 14

Badges: 3

Might evolve Eevee into Umbreon.

and Pokemon White here is what I have at the moment

Vulpix level 16

Tranquill level 21

Servine level 17

Bayleef level 16

Croconaw level 18

Blitzle level 16

not exactly a balanced team, and quite a bit of starter Pokemon in it.

Badges: 1

Also got 4 Meleotta being this Pokemon


Event is still going on till March 24th I think at Gamestop.

Other then that mostly been watching Pokemon as well. watching Battle Frontier season at the moment then may watch Jotho next then Kanto.

Guess I don't really have anything else at the moment might try and play something on PS3 later I suppose.

Also did forget, did play Kameo Elements of Power on Xbox 360 for a bit got past the Forest Temple not sure what the next location was. Wonder if there using Temple names being similiar to Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. and did play Monster Hunter Tri for a bit on Nintendo Wii and the demo for God of War Ascension for PS3, likely will get the game sometime not sure if I want to pay $60 for it though, but was pretty fun.

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