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489: Pokemon White


Anyway did go to gamestop today mostly to see if they Xenoblade Chronicles, looks like they said they stopped production of the game. Guess I won't being buying that one then not going to spend $100 or more.

anyway did get a game though


Pokemon White

Price: $29.99(used)

Nintendo DS Game #27

looks like I have to buy an Empty Nintendo DS case now since they didn't give me one:(

Guess the only reason I might go to gamestop again this year is to get Meloetta. And looks like I can get four of them now.

Also forgot a couple of things I was going to post last blog saw this in the FIM union so I'll post it here

My Little Destiny Friendship is Random

I'll just post some of the ones I got mostly a copy/paste from the post I made in that topic

You Are Twilight Dash the Sparkling dragon destined to hoard mares

2nd one I got You are Commander Dash the friendly unicorn destined to defeat canterlot

not quite sure how that would work out, Somehow I don't think Princess Luna or Celestia would approve of this

Then I got you are Silver Armor the friendly alicorn destined to hoard Discord

At least the name is better this time. though I don't like discord

You are Princess Candence the purple Alicorn destined to horde stallions

Uh.. I'd rather not be married to Shining Armor>.> Wonder if I could be Princess Luna's Slave instead

You are Shining Luna the lovable dragon destined to sing to discord

For some reason I keep on getting Alicorn from the looks of it and Hoarding and so far it is hoarding Mares,Stallions and Discordindifferent.gif

I guess that makes 7.

You are Princess Luna the girly dragon destined to overthrow Equestria

So they finally realized what my true form was, though I'm postive no one should know about that.

You are Silver Shy the Sparkling Zebra destined to lie to mares

You are Swettie Celestia the magical background pony destined to discover mares You are commander Jack the friendly farmer Destined to Bake the princess

How exactly would you be a friendly farmer if you bake the princess?

I just hope it isn't Princess Luna.

Might be some spoilers but seeing as hardly anyone here probably watches the show




Anyway guess I got nothing else, haven't played games too much also haven't drink Mountain Dew since last monday either guess I found out what my limit in drinking that was, drinking 1 a day wasn't such a good idea. Since I found out what the bad side effects were, though I probably should of quit 4 years are ago.


Well suppose I might be playing Pokemon White 1/Black 2 and something on the Playstation 3 not sure what yet if anything.

And suppose for Nintendo Wii titles guess I might try and get Kirby's Return to Dreamland or Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet. Not sure what I'll get on Xbox 360 yet.

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