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485: Level 50 Strawberry Candy


Yep, finally reached it. probably could've reached it sooner on another account I had, but....And my account level is getting bit high. took less then 5 years. Never would of thought I make it there.

anyway also took some random Pokemon Quizes and here is what I got



think I took this one before and scored Ninetales the last time, interesting enough Ninetales is actually my favorite Pokemon, and I didn't actually know Ninetales was one of the results either


and took a different one and got Houndoom, and Fire and Dark type Pokemon do happen to be my favorite types. Though only part of this I don't agree with is I don't actually consider myself Superior or Strong, maybe average at best.

I wonder if Umbreon is on there. Though if these quizes actually included the 649 Pokemon I wonder if I would have still gotten these two.


And kind of thinking of restarting Pokemon Diamond

and what would be nice is if Pokemon X and Y let you trade back and forth between Pokemon Black/White & White 2/Black 2 instead of Transfer since I could use that box space for the games, somehow I doubt that will happen. They could've done that with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and HeartGold/ Soul Silver too. bit of a shame they didn't

and avatar this time


As for Video Games haven't played much yet other then transfered some Pokemon into Pokemon Black from Pokemon Diamond other then that nothing else I don't think. And Jotho region is still my favorite region....

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