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3: Started some new game files on my games

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I have been recently playing zelda games. I started a new game on ocarina of time,windwaker, and majora's mask. and I started one on twilight princess. I also started a new game on metroid prime 3 but I'm playing my first file right now. I'll also be starting some new files on my other games too. the only games I'm not are melee and brawl. On my leafgreen I have been forming strange teams here are some of them:

Team 1:

1. Vulpix 2. Magnemite 3. Nidoran(female) 4. Onix 5. meowth 6. horsea

Team 2:

1. Vulpix 2. Chansey 3. rattatta 4. zubat 5. exeggcute 6. diglettet

[QUOTE=-Vulpix-] I love to wear Diapers too :). I also like to wet the Bed:)

I have other at least 5 or more team total I may post them later down the road. I still haven't got anything new yet. It's a shame I can't get a job yet. Hopefully I'll be able to go to college sometime this month or next month I aint waiting until december. hopefully I'll have a job by then or something. if I don't go to college this year I'll try again next year. I'm also close to 50 post. I also haven't made any blogs because there really is nothing to blog about.

See you next time.