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10: Rayman Raving Rabbids

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I got this yesterday. I was hoping it would be a platformer. But oh well it is still a good game. It took a while to figure out some of the games on the thing like the dancing. Though I was really looking for an Action Replay for DS, oh well. Action replay is only useful to get infinite items everything else is useless of.

In Pokemon I am at the Elite 4 furthest I got was The final Elite 4 member. He only had 2 pokemon left for me to beat but I really didn't care if I got past him or not because I would have been destroyed by the champion. I haven't reached her yet and probably won't be until my pokemon are all high levels. I wish you can buy Max Elixir and Elixir. It is kind of cheap that the Elite 4 has doesn't have to worry about running out of PP. Here is my team I'm going to use against them on a real attempt right now I'm using them to level up my pokemon which is going to take a while.

1.Palkia-level 57

- Water Pulse

- Heal Block

- Dragon Claw

- Spacial Rend

2. Alakazam- level 51

- Psycho Cut



- Recover

3. Empoleon- level 48

- Metal Claw

- Whirlpool

-Aqua Jet

- Peck

4.Vulpix- level 41

- Ember

- Flamethower


- Quick Attack

5. Pikachu- level 26 or Lapras-level 21

-Slam/Water Gun

- Thunder Wave/Brine

-Quick Attack/Ice Shard


6. Houndoom- level 31

- Beat Up

- Ember



This their current levels and moveset I probably won't bea the elite 4 untilt they're level 70-80. And that will take a while.

And GTS is useless everyone seems to want legendary pokemon for a pokemon like a common bidoof or chimchar. Play Time: 70:00( Most of this I left my DS on) Seen 147 Caught: 49. I will be an I Icon on gamefaqs in 15 days which is 1000 karma.

Until Next time