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We'll, i'm back...

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I arrived home about 2 and a half hours ago. I had a great time in California. I won't explain what i did now, i'll leave that for another entry in which i'll include pictures.

I had an awesome trip was all i'll say now.

Summer just swept in...

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I find it surprising how soon summer arrived this year. It seems like just a week ago i was sitting in class during the week of June 1st. Everything just went by so fast this year and i was up to my knees in schoolwork until the last possible day of school. I never got the anxious exciting summer feel until i was finally done. I've only had about 2 full days off so far but i've already started enjoying my summer. Unlike last year, where i just sat around and didn't do much. This year, i have a car, and already have some things planned. I can't wait for summer to finally kick in.


So, i finally went to the golf course last Sunday with one of my friends. He's letting me borrow his old clubs so i'm looking to get into golfing. I've only gone 3 times in my life, and always to the same course. The course stinks to say the least. It's only 9 holes, 3 par on all of them, furthest shot is about 140 yards so there is no need for a driver and worst of all, they barely take care of the course. The green had bump and torn up grass all over which would send your ball in odd directions if it happen to land near there. But it doesn't cost much to play there, which is good, especially for me because i can't play very well, so it's a good place to learn.

As for how i did. Well of a total of 27, i shot a 52. So a +25 doesn't seem to bad for a start, does it?

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! The first month of my summer begins and i couldn't be more excited. I hope to have some fun tonight whereever i end up going. Did anyone else notice my special Canada Day spartan in Halo 2? Red and the logo was a close to a Canadian flag as possible.

Im going to California

That's right, all by myself. From July 9th - July 26th, i'll be heading over to Glendale to visit my family. I've always wanted to go to California and my family there has been inviting me for years now, so it's great that i have a chance to finally go and see how it is there. One of my cousins is my age and the other is a year younger, so it'll be cool to see what they do for fun as i tag along. It's almost like looking at my life as if i lived there. And i'll be taking pictures that i'll post here when i'm back.


Some of my older summer memories have been watching baseball all summer long. How frustrating is it to watch the Blue Jays every year? Very, they sweep or take 2/3 from the top teams, but get swept or lose 2/3 from some of the worst teams. And inconsistency is killing the Blue Jays and their offense is getting pathetic. Hinski has been doing terrible in June, but we have a few bright spots. Rookies Aaron Hill and Russ Adams are playing good and Roy Halladay looks to be in the lead for another Cy Young and Wells seems to have finally got his swing back. This year, i hope to drive up there to see a few games with my friends.

I know i mentioned how i'd use my journal more often, but i just never had the time to type something like this. I know i'll use it more as the summer goes on.

A nice video of the sport i love (Rugby)

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Definately worth it to check out some nice crushing hits in the beautiful sport i love to play and watch.

I played our home opener today and we lost but still played a close hard-hitting game. I knew i could have score on one play when i kept dodging and slipping through tackles and it seemed difficult for them to take me down, but after being slowed down by 2 guys, i decided to pass rather than fight my way through. I also delivered some nice hits of my own.

What a great sport. :)

Unreal Championship 2uesdays

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OGU Presents: Unreal 2uesdays

That's right, it's here, so grab your melee weapons and bring your adrenaline, because it's Unreal Championship 2uesdays.

Start times:

10pm EST
9pm CST
8pm MST
7pm PST

Feel free to drop in whenever. Send a friends invite to me (XBL: Harout98 ) and we'll try to get everybody in, or create 2 parties. We'll see how it goes and i hope to see at least 7 of you with me

My weekend (Rugby, Gaming and Baseball)

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It's been a while since i last made a journal entry, but here's what i did this weekend.


We finally had our first rugby game of the year, although it was only an exhibition. We lost 24-7, missing 4 of our starters, which meant playing our rookies who didn't know all of the rules. Me and my friend ended up only playing 20 minutes because of a grumpy old teacher who reported us for acting up in her last period joke-of-a-class. Anyone who played Halo with me on Thursday night, may have noticed that i was quiet and not really myself, well, that was the reason. I was told i couldn't play. So i had to watch my team get pounded on by THE biggest group of guys i've ever seen on a rugby field. They had at least 8-9 people who were at least 6'3 and 240lbs. They made me (6'2, 215lbs) look small. However, they weren't that talented, fat slow people really, and 2 of there scores were because of rookie mistakes. I didn't really get a good hit on anyone but i got a good carry with ball for a few yards that took about 3 of them to take me down. Which resulted in my neck gets clawed by one of them and a few boots to the head while i was down. I also play on the school baseball team, which i heard our first game in on Friday the 29th.

Friday night my friend came over and we tried some Unreal Championship 2 multiplayer. It actually took us a while to figure out how to play with 2 players, as embarassing as that sounds. We had some great fun with the game and i'm glad i made the purchase. UC2 is my first Unreal game and i'm really enjoying it. The multiplayer is always fun and the single player is surprisingly great. I really hope the online multiplayer will kick off and become popular. I'm still looking for some people to play with over Xbox Live.


Nothing exciting here. I woke up at 1:30pm when my friend called and told me to come over. So we just screwed around at his house for a while and i was back home in a few hours. My night was pretty boring. All i did was play MVP Baseball 2005, Unreal Championship 2 and Halo 2. However, i did receive some good news. My bro bought tickets to the Jays/Orioles game the next day.


As soon as i woke up, we left for Toronto to see the Blue Jays vs. the Orioles (Halladay vs. Ponson). This was my first baseball game since i went to see the Indians/Blue Jays back in July 2000. This was a different team and a different looking stadium. Although, the result was the same. The Jays lost their 5th straight game as Halladay got pounded on and the O's offense never quit, while Ponson had a no-hitter going into the 6th. At least the Jays scored a run. Sammy Sosa got booed all game, along with fans chanting "CORKED BAT" everytime he was up. He shut us up with 2 HR's.

I bought a Blue Jays black authentic hat while i was there. I also got one of those big pretzels they sell at the stadium and it was very good. It tasted sweet and full of salt. I'm sure if i had 2 i would have had a heart attack ;) And theres nothing like Ballpark peanuts.

And i end the night with finishing my homework.

Overall, i had a fun-filled weekend. Highlight was definately the baseball game, which i had a great time at, but would have been way better if the Jays won.

It's STILL snowing here

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All during last week the weather finally cleared up and became sunny and somewhat warm again, but now, it's been snowing for 2 days and not just a little snow, it looks like December outside my house. Snow in April? I was finally getting excited for some nice weather coming up so i could go outside and do some things, but this is crazy.

Good old Canada.

I got my license :)

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Finally, after a few months of set-backs and whatnot, i finally got my license. G2, so i can only drive in Ontario until i get my full G in 1 year which allows me to drive anywhere.

I only got 1 wrong on the test and it was a late lane change. I had to pull back into the driving place to end the test and i have to make 2 quick left lane chances, so i didn't make the last lane change quick enough. Didn't matter though.

I'm going to start using my journal more...

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And a great day to start, the first day of Spring.

I figured i'd start talking about things that go on in my daily life that may interest some of you, that, and i love to write. So i'll try my best to keep this journal updated at least a few times a week.

The weather here in Canada has finally gotten warmer, good thing Spring arrived, because frankly, i was sick of the snow. It was actually quite scary seeing it snow yesterday. I took a look outside during the night and saw snow on the ground and falling from the sky, i thought "what a way to start Spring" but by the afternoon, majority of the snow was gone and it was actually warm outside for the first time in about 3-4 months.

On a sad note, about 5 minutes into the day of school, coming back from our Spring break, our rugby coach announced that he had gotten a promotion and was leaving. This is our second coach gone in 2 years, but you can't blame them, their new jobs pay a lot more and good luck to them. However, no other teacher at the school understands the rules of rugby, so the team is left without a coach and who knows what will happen to the season.

It's my birthday!

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Well, it was about 5 minutes ago (March 7th). Overall i had a nice relaxing day at school. Now for the gifts:

MVP Baseball 2005 (like previously mentioned)
Splinter Cell
$200 from family members
some shirts and a pair of jeans.

I got MVP Baseball 2005 today

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As an early birthday present (Monday the 7th) from my bro. So far it's a great game and i'm loving the dynasty mode, though i'm not sure if i'll play any AAA, AA or A games, it's still a cool feature. My city use to be the single A team for the Blue Jays so it would have been cool to see them on there. I pitched a 1 hitter vs. the D-Rays with Ted Lilly, some guy hit a double in the bottom of the 8th and screwed me over. I'm loving it. I still have to test out some other features.

If anyone wants to play me on Xbox Live, i'd love to have some games vs. some of you people. My GamerTag is in my profile.
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