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Top 25 Union Memberships ~ 6/13/2013 EDITION

Top 25 Union Memberships ~ 6/13/2013 EDITION

[PREVIOUS UPDATE: 12/13/2010] 

If there are any unions that you're currently aware of that are eligible to be featured below, please let me know to help keep this list up-to-date. Thanks!

To view previous updates, click HERE.


{#1: The Fighters Realm Union --- 7859 [-23]
{#2: The Xbox 360 Union --- 7252 [+49]
{#3: {The Halo Union} --- 7138 [+46]
{#4: The Legend of Zelda Union --- 5991 [+50]
{#5: PS3 -THE REAL NEXT GEN --- 5857 [+17]
The HeadCrab Union --- 5056 [+37]
{#8: SQUARE ENIX EXPERIENCE --- 4491 [-16]
{#9: The Resident Evil Union --- 4286 [+70]
The Emblems Union (GS Achievements) --- 3863 [+244]
{#11: FAU: Film Appreciation Union --- 3834 [+224] 
{#12: GameSpot Live --- 3760 New!
{#13: Star Wars Union --- 3449 [+21] 
{#14: Elder Scrolls Elite --- 3444 [+376] ^ ^
{#15: video games lovers --- 3357 [-11] v
{#16: Reviewer's Legion --- 3278 [-13] v
{#17: SonicSpot --- 2660 [+198] ^ ^ ^ ^
{#18: PSP Union --- 2652 [-4] v
{#19: The Fallout and Elderscrolls Fan Union --- 2629 [+16] v
{#20: The Metal Gear Solid Veterans Union --- 2603 [+131] 
{#21: The Pokemon League Union --- 2528 [+110] ^
{#22: The Overclocking & PC Tweaking Union --- 2495 [+5] v v v
{#23: The Family Guy Union --- 2419 [+2] 
{#24: Evolution of Nintendo Union --- 2394 [-17] 
{#25: PS3 Union --- 2354 [+7] 


~ 2 1/2 years since the last update. :oops:

3DS Friend List Requests!

Poppin' in again. Randomly, of course. ;)

My 3DS Friend List has been empty for far too long. I guess I was too preoccupied with the other built-in software, Pilotwings Resort, and Steel Diver during the past two months to seek out anyone who would be willing to exchange Friend Codes. :roll: I'm anxiously hoping Nintendo will surprise us with a competent messaging system on Monday via the firmware update, but I doubt they will. In the future, maybe? We'll wait with bated breath. As it currently stands, the Friends List isn't a particularly useful feature for those of us without online-capable 3DS games, but when the likes of Mario Kart, etc. find their way into our hands later this year, that level of usefulness is bound to change. :)

In the meantime, here's my 3DS Friend Code:


Don't forget to post yours either in the comments or via PM! ;)

Never neglect your GS Inbox...

My GameSpot Inbox currently has 137 new PMs in it. Sheesh. :shock: Although, I suppose "new" is somewhat misleading. Some of 'em stretch back into summer of last year, or even before then. So, if you're reading this and have happened to PM me within the past year, deepest apologies. You might just find a reply in your inbox this week that's a year overdue. :P

So, if there's any lesson at all to be gleaned from this, it's that you should keep tabs on your Inbox to keep it from oveflowing and from reaching the dreaded triple-digits. Ugh... :|

(Oh, and the 3DS is spectacular as predicted, there are game reviews forthcoming, and E3 is approaching fast. Will I find the motivation to elaborate on these subjects further? Your guess is as good as mine!) ;)

I'm officially infected with 3DS fever! Keep your distance!

Super-jazzed about the new hardware Nintendo's priming to dump on us Americans once the 27th rolls around. Are you? ;) Ah, it brings back memories of the Wii's launch... a whopping 4 1/2 years ago. Has it been that long? :!:

So yeah, I pre-ordered my 3DS at GameStop last month. Because, well, we all seem to dislike buying and trading software from those super-friendly and non-intrusive GameStop employees, but somehow feel obligated to reserve our shiny new hardware there. :P Since then, my excitement for this system continues to mount, almost uncontrollably. One more week left, guys and gals. Just one more week. :o

So, who here is planning to pick up a 3DS on launch day, and which launch games are at the top of your wish list? :)

How was your summer, fall... and everything in between?

I had to post SOMETHING. It's been forever since I last updated this thing. ;)

So basically this just serves as a "hey, y'all" and "watcha been doin'" to anyone that cares to drop a message. I'm sure a lot of you guys have posted a ton of new reviews (I sure haven't, but that'll change soon!) since I last checked, months ago. I'd love to read 'em! :)

So... what's up, everyone? If you're too lazy to comment with anything other than a one-word/emoticon response, it's all cool. (Hey, I'm lonely. Anything works. :P )

Snood - Say What Now?

Weird name. Familiar concept. Primary and secondary colors. So. Much. Fun.

Kinda random, but I've had this review stored away for a few years, so I figured I'd go ahead and finally post it. You know how it feels when writing gets puts to waste by not doing anything with it. XP

Type - Puzzle
Release Year - 2001
Difficulty - Just Right


With a name like that, how could you possibly pass it up? Obviously, hundreds of thousands of people didn't, as evidenced by the huge amount of downloads the initial computer game attained. If you happen to find this Game Boy Advance port, you shouldn't pass by the aging phenomenon, either, if all you care about is solid playability in your gaming purchases... and nothing else beyond that.

If you thought Tetris and Breakout were incredibly easy to grasp, meet Snood, which blends elements of both of the aforementioned games into a cloned Puzzle Bobble-esque package. The concept is as elementary as matching color-to-color, resulting in one of the most easily approachable games on the GBA. However, as the puzzles become increasingly complex, you'll need to rely on more precise aiming and wall-ricocheting to proceed. The flow largely depends on your accuracy, and the more Snoods that are removed, the lesser the chance of the play space decreasing in size. Ultimately, Snood's formula is very forgiving initially, which makes it incredibly adaptive for any player.

Releasing soon after the GBA's launch, Snood could also be mistaken as a Game Boy Color misfit. That, or a work-in-progress prototype with several flaws developed by an amateur development team. From the primitive visuals to the glaring glitches, you just might ponder how long this raw meat was stewing in the pot. Thankfully, the visual quality of the game barely impacts the solid gameplay mechanic, but nonetheless, this should be one of the last GBA games you'll want to display solely for graphical bragging rights.

The Game Boy Color similarity continues to resound via Snood's audio functionality. It's questionable to say that the background music is poor in quality; perhaps it's just what the developers intentionally wanted in the final product. Or is it because they were simply inexperienced with GBA technology? It's difficult to know. What's certain is that these tunes are so cheesy and catchy, so random in their execution, that they're bound to either annoy you eventually, or provide reason for you to keep playing, conversely. They might be contributory to the quirkiness of the package as a whole, but that's for you to decide. There are even small dialogue clips thrown in, good for a laugh or two, but that's where the line's drawn.

As mentioned before, there are quite a few bugs strewn about. As strange as the game abruptly slowing as if it was trudging through tar, to extreme as it freezing up altogether. These nuisances usually occur if you've been playing for extended periods of time, and effectively render the endurance mode nearly impossible to complete. A few other gameplay modes are available, including a 2-player link option, and seeing that these are mostly truncated, you should be able to complete them before the game crashes on you. These, however, only present slight variations to the table, and end up feeling slightly tacked on.

In the end, Snood's all about an inherent pick-up-and-play diversion. It's a li'l puzzler lilted with simplicity, but it downright fails to showcase the GBA's technical abilities.

FINAL SCORE - 5.0/10

GS Review Header

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis - Spare Me The Spin Dash

A few years ago, Sonic Team released a travesty to mankind. If you've ever played it fully, you know full well. If you've never tried it, you never should. If you've never heard of it until now, now you know...

Type - 2D Platformer
Release Year - 2006
Difficulty - Hard

Here's a freak accident that limped away as an ill-fated prototype, the one that got away with Sonic Team's irresponsibility to catch... Namely, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, the worst conversion of one of the most innovative games ever conceived, and something, somehow, whose awfulness is overlooked far too often than should be allowed.

From a stationary screenshot, it certainly looks like the cuddly platformer we hold so dear, save for the zoomed-in-ness to fit the GBA's screen dimensions. But put it in motion, and you've got one heck of a disaster. Honestly, if it wasn't for the vacillating framerate and relentless bugs, Sonic Genesis would've been a whole lot better. The game simply chugs, trips, and tanks from a gameplay standpoint, a direct resultant of the graphical issues and abundant glitches therein. (There's something seriously wrong when the infamous first boss encounter can be beaten entirely by bouncing on Dr. R from above, without ever touching the ground in the process.) Everything degrades what's already been degraded; it's a chain reaction that affects nearly every aspect of this shoddy remake.

Looking back to the Sonic Advances, it's difficult to understand how a simple remake of the very first game in the series could exhibit such an inconsistent rate of FPS on the GBA versus the aforementioned. Blame it either on lazy coding, a short release window, or the combination of the two. Whatever the case, the aftereffect is indelible, and you'll suffer from it if you manage to pull through without surrendering from frustration.

Graphical scaring aside, there's one category that's just scarcely delivered from the grip of total failure. The memorable Mega Drive music has been redone, except now it's not so "memorable". Cheesy MIDI-ized versions of your favorite tunes are the name of the game, and why were they chosen? To lessen your purchase value all the more, of course! Scoring an inferior soundtrack? Why not throw in the original tunes instead, Sonic Team? To cap, sound effects are choppy and often delayed in execution.

By the way, if you're looking for that trademark speed the 16-bit blockbuster is known for, you'll find it here... in teasing spurts. Everything's slow as can be at one random moment, and conciliates it the next, inevitably trashing your timing. It really doesn't matter how long the game can sustain top speed if you're constantly prepping for a sudden jolt of slowdown, right? And as an additional warning, Labyrinth Zone and Scrap Brain Zone are treacherous nightmares, thanks to whacked-out water physics. No chance of a speed rush, guaranteed.

Also, Sonic Genesis offers two ways to play: with or without the Spin Dash. Naturally, you're able to move along much faster after charging and releasing this ability than you would when just running normally, but if this is what you desire, settle with Sonic Jam on the Sega Saturn.

Still incredulous? Undeceived by that nostalgic box art? You'll be glad to hear that a save option is available to you, and also a level-select, further extending your aspirations. You're now free to secure your painfully hard-earned progress at a whim. Oh, and a glitchy sound test with mispronunciations? You're in luck.

Seriously, if the numeric rating didn't convince you otherwise, avoid this heartless masquerade at all costs. Literally, all costs. Replacing a smashed-in screen and prescribing ultra-strength migraine medicine are just a few of the many hidden expenses you'll be forced to face eventually. Not to mention you'll feel sick to your stomach knowing how much Sonic Team totally botched the conversion and retailed it anyway, with you falling victim.

FINAL SCORE - 2.5/10

GS Review Header

Now a Top Reviewer?!

Just recently I received an inbox notification from GS stating that I've earned a top user reviewer emblem. I checked my profile, and sure enough, there it was:

Power and influence.
Those who rank amongst this hallowed 100 greatly benefit those searching for critical information about games. These individuals' thoughtful, analytical reviews tend to be much more detailed and sophisticated than most of the so-called professional game reviews you could find elsewhere. Sure enough, the top 100 tend to be prolific writers and avid game players.

I seriously couldn't believe it. Thought it was a hoax. There are so many others who I feel deserve this more than I do, but I guess that one or two of my reviews stood out to the admins or something. I dunno. There's only 17 of them, and my first few are pretty amateur, so I'm just clueless as to how I managed to qualify for the Top 100. It's both unexplainable and awesome. Cheers, GameSpot. :P

Thanks so much to all of you who've read and recommended my reviews over the years! You guys rock! :) Without those recommendations, I would never have made it. Now with this newfound motivation, there are sure to be more reviews coming up, so I hope that you all can stop by and check 'em out when they're posted! :D

Thanks again and God bless,

~ Cam