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I played big rigs

by on


im gonna show it to my whole family

everyone here is laughing like hell

this is the stupidiest game of ever


by on

Well, I have just written a review of something Sega calls a "Game". I hope you don't like it (the game... lol).

Have a nice day.

Tagger Flirt? LoL

by on

I have just noticed i got the "Tagger Flirt" award. Im happy cos i always wanted to get a gamespot medal and eerm... well medals are nice

have a nice day

Call of duty 4

by on

I got CoD4. I have played it for 20 minutes and it really looks like a good game.

It has excelent graphics. Of course they aren't like crysis, but they are really great

Mass Effect

by on

Now I'm playing mass effect. It is an awesome game.

I am a ruthless spacer. lol

Have a nice day

Crysis beaten

by on
Today I have beaten crysis. Destroying the allien ship was funNow I need to wait for Crysis: Warhead

New review

by on

I have just reviwed crysis. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a nice day.

Company of Heroes

by on

I played company of heroes and it is a very nice game

I think i will upload some screenshoots soon.

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