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The Winds of Change

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Want to see some changes to the user reviews here at GameSpot? Boom: Click Here (PS: It's a simple yes or no so you don't have an excuse!)

Right now it's nothing more than a numbers game to prove to the developers that changes are wanted and worth their time over other projects. I'd personally like to see some kind of organization applied that categorized contributions by a thumbs up / down ratio, the overall score of a review, reviews written by those with top 100 / 500 reviewer badges or even a sortable by author option. It seems like an easy fix and besides, I rather have the opinions of hundreds of biased fools than the opinion of one professional one! Zing!

Reviews not your thing? Want to see some changes / updates to Unions? Vote Yes or No here: Union Reform (And if you have a great union you'd love to share, drop me an invite!) Like I said above, right now it's all a numbers game but one that gives us a chance to put our opinions on paper. Besides, it takes less than 10 seconds. Do it. Now. Even if you're slightly impartial to the whole thing. A unified community voice while be the wind in the sail of change on the CBS GameSpot—or if they refuse—the cannon rounds that sink her.

Remember: You only have a voice when you chose to speak. Speak up!

~Saigo Out~