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Hello Stranger

Well...I'm back.

Funny how a planned two week break turns into an unexpected 6 month hiatus when the sites in shambles eh? What a mess! Of course Synthia, Carolyn Petit, Kevin V, Brendan Sinclair, and even BouBou are doing their best--hell, most of the staff are performing exceptionally--but the site seems determined to stagger deafly into oblivion as its faithful scream in protest. Will GameSpot's swan song be the cries of its faithful--or will the voice of reason be heard before the talent of the community departs for the greener pastures of the interwebz?

As for me, I think I'll make one last run at it for old times sake. I suppose Gamespot deserves at least that much right?

You see, many years ago a handsome chap, known to you as Saigo, staggered onto a site called Gamespot. Enthralled, he clicked links here, there, and everywhere and before he knew it, he had fallen in love with something special. He loved the staff, he loved the coverage, the carefree mixture of humor and fact, and above all, he loved the community. He loved everything Gamespot was and it broke his heart to see his gaming utopia torn asunder and gutted with dismiss as suits and sophists clanked their campaign glasses and discussed shareholder options and caviar.

Yet, after many hours of mediation, and of course the traditional trek up the mountainside to visit the local wise man, I've decided to do my part and hope for the best. Everyone knows Gamespot needs fixed, and we all know its taken far longer than anyone thought possible, but I suppose I'm willing to give it a little longer for loyalties sake. You see, amidst the fiery rubble of fallen features and the broken remains of abandoned profiles--Ive discovered a whisper of hope amongst the ashes: Chalk Talk. Oh, you've never heard it of it? Let me explain.

Simply put, Chalk Talk is the love child of crusty old Mr. Soapbox and the ever sultry Mrs. HotSpot (God that sounds awful). But seriously, check it out here, the concept is brilliant and it's a great way for many of us to get the exposure we've always wanted. Besides, rumor has it that it'll be a front page feature if it gets enough support and that's something we've been vying for since the untimely death of the decrepit soapbox of old. So lets get on it!

Anyhow, thats all I've got this go around but feel free to share your thoughts and opinions however you'd like. I'll be writing my own Chalk Talk entry sometime tomorrow and then its back to business mode with my blogging. Expect the best--and expect it often.

Also, if you're leaving the site (since a lot of people are), please drop me a line before you go or keep in touch with me via Twitter @SaigoStyle or Steam @ -saigo- (Same avatar).

~Saigo Out~