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I'm back!

I'm back! After a 2 year sojourn to the frozen north I've returned to pursue my academic endeavours at WSU and hopefully get on with my life! Canada was great but my possibilities were limited under my given circumstances, so with much toil, trial, trouble, and tribulation I made my triumphant return home!

Anyhow, I've decided to dedicate some of my valuable free time to reading and writing reviews again. I just felt that I've benefited so much from the contributions of others that it was unworthy of me to simply leech on their efforts without paying it forward. So this is how it's going to break down: For every up to date review I write, I'm going to go back and write a review on something old school from a modern day perspective. I mean, why not? They're classics, and anyone who considers themselves a gamer has had to of played at least a few classics? I mean, there's more to a game than pretty graphics, right? And some of those games were, and still are, just plain fun! Besides, nowadays they just don't get the credit they deserve!

Well that's it for now I suppose, but if you like what I'm doing let me know! Add me as a friend, drop me a message, or look my up on xbox live under KenseiKoach. On the flipside, if you think I'm smoking something I shouldn't be with how I'm writing or reviewing drop me a line too. Constructive criticism is always welcome, just no 12 year old XBL trash talking bs. I ain't got the patience for it ^_^