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Deals of the Week (5/24 to 5/29)

Deals of the Week:

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of "The Deal is Right" with your host -Saigo- himself!! **Men salute as ladies scream, swoon, and lose control of their bladders**

"Hello gentlemen and heellllooooooo ladies!" **-Saigo- flexes his pecks bouncing them up and down with the beat of the theme music as he makes his way to the stage** "Do we ever have a show for you!"

"Our first contestant hails from St. Paul Minnesota with the slogan, 'buyer be happy'…can you guess who it could be? Best Buy, come on down!!!"

  • Best Buy is offering a free select game with the purchase of a Kinect this week including Michael Jackson: The Experience, Carnival Games, Body and Brain Connection, Yoostar 2, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Portal 2 and Crysis 2 are both on sale for $39.99 and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and Yoostar 2 are both $29.99 this week.

"Now for our next contestant! Responsible for more damages than piracy according to Fable III producers and famous for buying used games for less than dirt and reselling them again for almost full price…Gamestop!! Come on down!!

  • GameStop is offering a 25% trade-in bonus towards new copies of L.A. Noire, a $50 dollar gift card with the purchase of a Kinect, and offering a Buy 1 Move game, get 1 free on a few select games.

"Here comes contestant 3!! Here you can shop smart…it's S-Mart…err I mean Kmart! Yes, yes, Kmart come on down!" **-Saigo- flexes to a chorus of cheers and squeals to distract viewers from his mistake**

  • Kmart is giving away $25 gaming coupons with a Kinect purchase, a $15 gaming coupons with the purchase of Dirt 3, and drops the price of Halo: Reach to $39.99, Splatterhouse to $19.99 and Enslaved to a steal of a deal at $14.99.

"And now for contestant 4! Here you can expect less and pay more…err pay less and expect more! It's Target! Come on down!!"

  • Target is offering NASCAR the Game 2011, Need for Speed: SHIFT 2, Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, and Crysis 2 for $39.99 this week and a PlayStation 3 160GB console with a free $60 gift card $299.99.

"Next up it's the place to go if you don't want to grow up…actually no, if you act like a kid here you'll probably get arrested. Toys R Us!! Come on down!!"

  • Toys R Us comes to the table this week and offers a free $50 Gift Card when you buy Mortal Kombat and Fear 3 for the 360 or PS3 while reducing the price of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, DJ Hero, and Tony Hawk: Shred Big Air to $29.99

"Contestant 6!? How many **-Saigo- mutters something inaudible and profane** contestants do we have on this show? Ok whatever, it's not the jungle—it's the online retailer! Amazon come on down!!

  • Amazon is still offering much of the same this week by offering bonus credit with the purchase of Mass Effect 3 ($10 credit), Madden NFL 12 ($20 credit), and F.E.A.R. 3 ($20 credit & free F.E.A.R. comic book) while giving away a free Kinect game with a Kinect sensor purchase.

Marketplace Deals of the Week

This week's deals of the week offers a few trinkets from Bethesda Softworks:


  • Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3 is 400 MSP down from 800 MSP
  • Broken Steel in Fallout 3 is 400 MSP down from 800 MSP
  • Operation: Anchorage in Fallout 3 is also 400 MSP down from 800 MSP
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion "Horse Armor" pack is 100 MSP down from 200 MSP
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion "Knights of the Nine" is 400 MSP down from 800 MSP
  • Shivering Isles in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is also 1200 MSP down from 2400 MSP

Avatar Items:

  • Fallout 3 Vault 101 Suit (Male and Female) is 120 MSP down from 240 MSP
  • Fallout 3 Vault Boy Head (Male and Female) is 80 MSP down from 160 MSP

Overall I think the Marketplace deals this week are pretty pathetic…which is fine...I need to save my money anyways. Anyhow, Dungeon and Dragons: Daggerdale was also released this week for 1200 MSP so if you're looking for someone to loot with then look me up! (KenseiKoach on Xbox Live)

~Saigo Out~

The Rapture and the End of the World

I hope you're not reading this. For your sake I hope you're high in the heavens, floating atop a silvery lined cloud, and sipping a cold and refreshing Mt Dew. If you're still here—I hope you're prepared.

For those of you not following the events in the news lately you probably haven't heard of Pastor Harold Camping. Pastor Camping, an 89-year-old Californian and founder of Family Radio Worldwide, has predicted through mathematical equations that May 21st will usher in the rapture of the righteous and start the time clock on the end of the world for the rest of us.

You've been warned!

You've been warned!

According to many Christian denominations, the rapture is a biblical event where the righteous are caught up to heaven while the wicked are left to burn. 1st Thessalonians 4:15-17 explains:

... and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

So are you prepared? Have you played Fall-Out 3 to learn the fine art of killing survivors, radiated super mutants, and deformed ghouls with scavenged weapons and ammo? Have you played Left 4 Dead to develop the teamwork you'll need to wade through a possible zombie outbreak that judgment ushers upon us? Have you played Half-Life 2, Deus Ex, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, or Borderlands to learn the other skills you'll need to survive until October 21st when Pastor Camping claims the world will end? Do you have water, weapons, supplies, and real-life friends to enjoy / survive it with? I hope so…because I've been raptured:

Just playing Xbox and…boom!

My wife mourning…or celebrating?

Oops…guess she was righteous too!

Well don't get your controller cords tangled just yet! Though Pastor Camping may think he's figured it all out he was probably a little too busy with his mathematical equations to notice a few other verses in that big book called the bible. Mark 13:32 reads:

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Not to mention Matthew 24:36 for that matter….or Thessalonians 5:2-4. (And I'm not even a pastor)

So, no man knows the time or day huh? Well…that kind of ruins everything for ya there Pastor Camping now doesn't it? Well, I guess we can all safely go back to gaming now right? Sorry to get you excited over nothing…I know a lot of you already thought the Playstation network being down was the end of the world ;)

~Saigo Out~

Weekly Game Deals (5/17 to 5/22)

I know, I know—this is a little late and I'm sorry. Summer classes have been a little hectic this week but I'm going to blame the weather this time around. The weather? Yes—the weather. It's been raining sheets for months in this damnable state of Utah and it has the tendency to get a brother down. I don't even know why I'm here amidst these [Enter creative expletive here] or why I stay. Yet here I am attending a school for the outcast and exiled, a commuter campus for those with grade point averages deemed too degenerate for a higher education, and I've become a common face amongst the nameless souls who still hold hopes of one day escaping the fenceless insane asylum known as higher education…and the rain doesn't help. Anyways, you're not here for my rants so without further ado—the Deals of The Week:

Deals of the Week:

Ahoy matey's!! This week's plunder o' booty be as vast as the seas be wide!

Those landlubbers K-Mart have a Spanish Galleon's worth of plunder this week for ye salty dawgs by offering a $20 governors voucher (gaming coupon) with the plundering of L.A. Noire and any booty priced $19.99 or less during the same ransacking is free! Shiver me timbers, and both Need for Speed: SHIFT 2: Unleashed and Dragon Age II can be plundered for $39.99!

Toys Arrrr Us be offering a $15 governors voucher with L.A. Noire and avast, our favorite plastic way to plunder: Lego Pirates can be a treasure in yer hold for $39.99 or 108.24$ in the Eastern Carribean.

The scurvy wenches of Game Stop be offering Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for a paltry $29.99 but don't leave yer ships unattended matey's! They be plundering coffers any chance they get!

Xbox Marketplace Deals:

Yyyyarrr! Here be the Arrrrrcade games ye cabin boys!

· The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - Reduced down from 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Age of Booty – Reduced down from 400 MSP to 200 MSP

· Deadliest Warrior - Reduced down from 800 MSP to 400 MSP (If ye promise to play the Pirates only)

Avatar Items:

· Deadliest Warrior Pirate Outfit: Reduced down from 320 MSP to 160 MSP

· The Secret of Monkey Island: LeChuck Pirate Suit down from 240 MSP to 120 MSP

· The Secret of Monkey Island: Pirate Telescope Prop reduced from 160 MSP to 80 MSP

Happy plundering this week! A special cannon salute goes out to mancide, Dog of Thunder, CAG, and the saltiest sea dog of them all, Captain Koach.

** Note ** If you have trouble understanding this week's deals, please watch "How to Speak Pirate" located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWgxuc45YCY

~Saigo Out~

Deal of the Day (Wednesday May 18th)

Amazon Deal of the Day:

May 18th was the day Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England was beheaded for adultery, the day the Canadian City of Montreal was founded, and the day that Amazon.com announced a game exclusive day of lightning deals. History will be made.

If you're unfamiliar with Amazon's lightning deals the concept is rather simple: Crysis 2 will be on sale all day for the low price of $34.99 while other games will go on sale for 1 to 2 hour increments one after another. The games are never revealed until their window opens and consumers are left waiting in eager anticipation with only a cryptic hint to wet their curiosity. So without further ado here are the times, the hints, and my suggestions:

7:00 AM PDT - Video Games Deal: Dragon Age II for $39.95

8:00 AM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- The divine conflict between harmony and discord for your PSP (I'm guessing Final Fantasy Dissidia or Dissidia 012)

10:00 AM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- One of the greatest games of all time complete for your PSP (Probably one of the Naruto games….no? Well, this one could be anything)

12:00 PM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- I believe I can fly (Wow…this one could be anything too. Any idea guy's?)

2:00 PM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- Choose the Guardians or the Defiant (Rift…it's a new MMORPG if you haven't heard of it.)

4:00 PM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- Hit the gridiron with this perennial franchise (I'm guessing Madden…10…11…12….or maybe 13? Who knows? It's too hard to keep track when they produce so many.)

6:00 PM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- Twist and turn through an action-packed Sonic experience (Obviously Sonic…but which one is anybody's guess.)

8:00 PM PDT - Upcoming Deal -- Experience the pageantry of College Football like never before. (Looks to be an NCAA football title…or a new cheerleader sim game? Ok, it's football)

Well that's it for today. I'll be posting my weekly deals sometime tonight but this should be enough to keep you satisfied until then.

~Saigo Out~

What's in a Review?

Every reviewer who's ever put pen to paper to write their opinionated prose has a flavor as unique as the games we play. So what's in a review and what makes it worth reading?

I've been writing reviews fairly consistently for the last five years and oftentimes find myself experimenting with what works and what doesn't. I've written reviews spanning pages, reviews a paragraph long, reviews both clever and humorous, and reviews as straight-laced and stone faced as the evening news! Yet the results are always the same: If there's a holy grail of reviewing rhetoric I've yet to find it.

So what is it that separates the good from the bad from the ugly? Is it a detailed analysis of game features such as graphics, sound, gameplay, or creativity? Is it a summary of the good versus the bad like some biblical judgment day put to prose? Or is it a few chosen words mixed amongst a collage of pictures and video? Everyone has their opinion and I'd love to hear what you have to say. So what is it, what's in a review?

Weekly Game Deals (5/9 to 5/15)

This week in deals brings about some healthy competition between retailers as some heavy hitters step up to steal a few dollars…err bases and hit a few deals out of the park.

My favorite deal this week is Gamestop's offering of Portal 2 for $39.99 and Fallout: Vegas for only $19.99!!

The Behemoth known as Best Buy also shows up big time this week with $20 off on the purchase of Halo: Reach, Dragon Age II, Bulletstorm, Fable III, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and the booty shaking Kinect exclusive Dance Central. Not a bad deal if you've missed any of these titles.

Another solid contender this week is Kmart dropping $20 off the new Mortal Kombat while offering a $20 coupon with the purchase of Brink if you were still interested in the title after its mediocre reviews.

Finally, Amazon.com makes an appeal to the pre-order crowd by offering bonus credits for L.A. Noire ($15), Duke Nukem: Forever ($10), Mass Effect 3 ($10), Madden NFL 12 ($20), and F.E.A.R. 3 ($20) while also offering $10 off on select Kinect games.

Xbox Marketplace

The following titles, while having an average Gamespot score of 6.2, have been permanently reduced in price this week and probably for good reason:

Blade Kitten: 1200 MSP to 800 MSP

Haunted House: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

The UnderGarden: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

Xbox Deal of the Week:

This week's DotW features a limited offering from Take Two and highlights Bioshock 2, Borderlands, and Mafia 2.

Bioshock 2:

· Minerva's Den 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Protector Trials 400 MSP to 200 MSP

· Bouncer Big Daddy Helmet 160 MSP to 80 MSP


· The Secret Armory of General Knoxx: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Claptrap's New Robot Revolution: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Bandit Mask: 160 MSP to 80 MSP

Mafia II:

· Jimmy's Vendetta: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Joe's Adventure: 800 MSP to 400 MSP

· Fedora: 160 MSP to 80 MSP

Well that's it for this go around! Special thanks go out to mancide and zigs00 at TrueAchievements, @geekdeals on twitter, and Take Two.

Please contact me here through email or via Twitter @DavieBoyP if you have a deal you'd like to post! Thanks again everyone for your help and contributions!

~Saigo Out~

New Major, New Me

After nearly two years of toil and trouble as an aspiring English major and future enlightener of degenerate minds (High School Teacher), I've thrown in the towel and declared my Major in Journalism. I guess the incompetence and utter inability of the English department finally got to me (Sorry Mrs. Shigley, we know your husband's a rocket scientist but you're still an idiot). Besides, most high school kids these days are in far more need of a lesson in pain than they are in one on Shakespearian prose. I guess all in all it just wasn't for me—it just took me 2 years to realize it.

Anyhow, with that said I wanted to explain the implications my decision will have on my blog and the site as well as my future projects and intentions. In short, now that I'm going into journalism I've realized that not only do I need to write more but I need to get my work out more consistently as well. I'm planning on using GameSpot as a means of showcasing my writing, for better or worse, it needs to get out there and I enjoy writing about games so why not right? I'll be reviewing more games (2-4 reviews a month), keeping my blog up to date, reader friendly, and much more attractive as well as covering game deals, soundtrack reviews, and book reviews.

Well that's about it this time around so keep your eyes peeled for much more to come in the future! Also, any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated as long as they're constructive! @riou7 has been kind enough to offer me some great advice in the past and I think I'm going to steal a page or two from his book! If you haven't followed him he truly is a gentleman and a scholar and I highly suggest doing so! Thanks riou7 for your help!

~Saigo Out~

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Please help me with GameSpot Feedback and News

Hello everyone! I recently submitted a feedback suggestion regarding emblems for GameSpot and was hoping for your help. The suggestion...um...suggests that Gamespot allows users to organize the emblems on their profile page and decide which emblems show, what order they show in, an option to highlight "trophy" emblems and an option to hide some of the less sightly ones. The suggestion can be found by returning to the homepage, clicking the feedback tab on the left and searching for "emblems". Currently there's 9 votes in favor of the suggestion putting it in 34th place overall...but with a little help and a few votes I'm sure can we do better!

Thanks so much for your help!

In other news I wanted to apologize for drowning everyone's news feed with all my recent updates and changes lately. With summer semester in gear and my work load reduced to half I've finally had a little more time to work on a few of the things I've wanted to do here at the site. Again, sorry for all the dust.

Why I hate posting on GameSpot

**EDIT** This blog was posted 2 hours before GameSpot's recent site revamp. The majority of the complaints within have been fixed with the exception of posting reviews in the order of their community rating (Most helpful to least helpful...think amazon.com) and the issue of no one ever reading anything I write. That is all. :twisted:

I like to write: It's my passion, my educational pursuit, and my pleasure.

I love to game: It's my release, my addiction, and my escape.

I love to write, I love to game—but I HATE writing anything for GameSpot.

Over the years I've written a handful of helpful reviews and editorials for Gamespot while posting each with a starry eyed enthusiasm akin to zealotry for my love of all things gaming. My reviews are thought out and drafted well before pen ever touches paper. My editorials are well written, edited for mistakes, occasionally rewritten, and come off the press fruity fresh, crispy clean and never stale. My opinions are factually based, my comments are carefully calculated, and I consider myself an intelligent and reliable (if not humble) source for gaming news, reviews, and entertainment.

Oh but GameSpot! How I love and hate you in the same breath! How I love your forums, your news, your community, JodyR's red hair, and your visual design…but oh how I hate your review system, your moderation's, and above all how everything I post goes unread! This blog will never see a comment section speckled with comments, my reviews seldom see a thumbs up or down and everything I seemingly contribute is flushed down the community crapper with the rest of the riff raft. Some sites show the highest rated reviews first followed by a list of other worthy reviews or even a recently written "reviews section" with a link from the homepage while GameSpot offers the community a mere distraction from their own often biased, "professional" reviews with two recently written user reviews.

Grant it I'm not the best reviewer out there. I have my opinions and I have my style but I'd like to see more than the last two random user reviews and I'd like to read the most helpful ones first. I don't want biased and opinionated fan boy drabble either—I get that enough reading the professional reviews. I'm not a fanatic and I hate fanatic reviews: A game doesn't deserve a 10 unless it's truly perfect and it doesn't deserve a 1 unless it's completely broken and unplayable. Period. And what's with the reviews based off of a demo play through? Personally, when it comes to reviewing I've always completed a game before posting but that's just me. I've always felt that games can be like people: First impressions aren't always accurate and the more time you spend with someone the more they can change. Just like that super cute girl / guy you know with all the right features…until you realize they're a soulless money leech without a personality or any semblance of humanity. No? Well, just imagine it for analogies sake and get outside a little more.

I know there are good reviews out there written with pride and care but with GameSpot's current system they're nearly impossible to find. Good reviews are written, posted, and lost in the rubble as another mediocre review is posted over it. Besides, why would anyone take the time to write something decent with the system the way it is. Good reviews aren't distinguished from bad ones and the experience gain is the same for writing something in depth or merely writing, "My friend Timmy liked this game and so did I." Good reviews and reviewers never receive the praise they deserve. There is no "Community Spotlight" for reviewers, no "Review of the Week", and no real reason to post on GameSpot except for the love of writing and the love of gaming—besides, anything you post will only go unread.

~Saigo Out~

Any of you on twitter?

I don't make it to the site much anymore but I still have a few friends here. Anyhow, do any of you use twitter? If so, follow me at @DavieBoyP or http://twitter.com/#!/DavieBoyP and I'll follow you back. I'll post a link to any reviews I write, since I seldom write for gamespot anymore, and link anything else I come across that's interesting. Well, that's it for now. Hope to see you there :)