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If it's in the Game--it's in the Game!

So I was thinking a little about sports and the headline news that's been generated lately and I couldn't help but wonder why EA hasn't capitalized on it yet. Seriously, if you there's milk you know EA is going to milk it somehow, besides, "If it's in the game—it's in the game", right? That's been their slogan for years—maybe it's time EA actually started practicing what they preach.

So in the spirit of good entertainment and fun: If it's in the game—it's in the game.


EA recently held a press conference in an undisclosed location (though experts have narrowed it down to one of their gold vaults) and apologized to their fans (and the U.S. Dairy Association) for the minimal changes in their yearly sports offerings.

One EA spokesperson claimed, "Yeah, our wrists are sore from all the milking we've done lately and let's be honest: With all the milking Activision does, Game Stop milking the used game market, and the economy being what it is, we needed a break. Besides, even if our fans are dumb enough to keep buying our products repackaged and rearranged year in and year out, you can only do the same game so many times before you get bored as a publisher".

So far EA has announced the following changes to their 2012 line-up:

NHL 2012:

Aside from adding in toothless post action interviews, EA has announced it will be adding in a new riot feature that will allow players to loot, vandalize, and destroy their home town in Grand Theft Auto fashion after any play-off loss. Players will earn points based off their mindless burning of cars, breaking of windows, and brawling with fellow rioters that can be used towards creating a real hockey team in a real hockey city.

Tiger Woods 2012: Tiger Woods will be seeing a drastic make over this year that will incorporate a dating sim between your outings at the course. Players can chose to date, marry, cheat, or be faithful to gain boosts to performance and publicity while still focusing on practices, sponsors, and the media. Players can customize their female counterparts from Chili's servers to supermodels while "entertaining" as many as possible without getting caught to maximize gameplay, prestige, and on and off the course bonuses.

Madden 2012: This year's installment of Madden highlights the new "Be a Real Pro" feature that allows players to commit crimes, tote guns in nightclubs, and party with celebrities well into the night—all from the comfort of their lazy boy. Players can chose to attend charity functions, community breakfasts, and autograph sessions for underprivileged fans, or party in strip clubs, gambling dens, and eventually the courtroom if they're caught for their antics. Be a REAL pro in Madden 2012!

NCAA 2012: College is one big party and so is the new NCAA 2012. When you're not practicing or playing you're partying with more features, more mini-games, and more action. Relax during Spring Break or [Edited to avoid getting banned from the site] with your [Edited] while you [Edited] in as many different [Edited] as possible! With NCAA you can relive your college glory days or create the one's you only wish you had!

Well that's it from EA at the moment but we've been promised more updates in the near future, and remember, "If it's in the game—it's in the game!"

~Saigo Out~

Happy 4th, a new Banner, and a new Level!

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there! I've been back home in Colorado since Thursday night and haven't had a chance to be online at all. I've been to Water World, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, The Mile High Flea Market, 3rd Bridge, Park Meadows Mall, The Castle Rock Outlets, The Denver Zoo, and in a few minutes I'll be soaking up some gravy on my Popeye's biscuits and chicken. It's good to be home.

Hmm…what to write, what to write? I finally hit level 25 and actually know what the Defias Brotherhood is so that's exciting! Some of the level names and their analogies don't make much sense even though they're supposedly all video game references. Maybe I just don't know games as well as I thought but a lot of them seem like a bit of a stretch to me?

Oh, and I created a new banner! I just wasn't very enthusiastic about my old one and even though it took quite a while to create I was already sick of it by the time I posted it. I guess it just didn't turn out the way I'd seen it within my mind's eye? Anyhow, the new banner features multiple characters from various genres of entertainment that have inspired me over the years. Starting from right to left:

  • Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII: Mercenary, self-proclaimed ex-soldier 1st class, and all around bad ace buster sword wielding mother lover!

Final Fantasy VII was the first game I bought for the Playstation and it literally blew me away! I thought the entirety of the game took place in Midgar and when I saw the "world map" for the first time I literally sat there stupefied for about two minutes before realizing there was a reason the game came with 3 discs. Final Fantasy VII was the first game to lure me in so full heartedly with its amazing and emotionally driven plot, music, and characters. Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy VII are representative of my realization that games can go beyond mere entertainment and serve as a medium to express opinions, tell stories, and unify people and generations across time.

  • Conan The Barbarian – From the works of Robert E. Howard: Conan is a cold eyed beast of a man with a black mane and a big sword who does what he wants when he wants to! Bound by his own code of honor and the need to live his life free and full of adventure, Conan leaves his native home of Cimmeria to become "a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth," and "to tread the jeweled kingdoms of the Earth beneath his sandaled feet."

Conan is my fictional hero and role model while Robert E. Howard is one of my all-time favorite authors. Gritty, bursting with testosterone, and littered about with more female characters than all of the James Bond films combined—Conan will force puberty on any boy, cause any grown man to weep unashamedly at his lack of manliness, and any women to swoon with delirious delight. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone with a taste for fantasy, adventure, and action, by Crom!

  • Itachi Uchiha – Naruto (Anime): Itachi is an S-class criminal and former ninja of the village hidden in the leaves. Charged with murdering his entire clan to gauge his potential, Itachi is a member of the elite Akatsuki organization, and one of the most powerful Shinobi in existence.

Naruto is my favorite anime (at the moment) and Itachi is by far my favorite character. His story, as well as the story of the anime as a whole, is brilliantly written, perfectly presented, and emotionally engaging throughout the main story arcs. If you're into the anime scene, a casual fan, or even slightly curious, Naruto is highly recommended, acclaimed, and a great choice for all audiences.

  • Captain John Price – Call of Duty: Epic beard, member of the British SAS, and field commander of Task Force 141, Captain Price is a considered a hero, a villain, a savior, and a destroyer by his friends and foes alike. Willing to launch a nuke for the greater good, Captain Price will rain death upon anyone foolish enough to stand between him, his mission, or his ideals.

Captain Price is believable: He does what all of us would do if we had the guts and skill to do it. Call of Duty in my opinion (though I've grown sick of the multiplayer) is one of the few shooters to actually tell a legitimate story within the game. Sure Halo tells a story…but you have to read multiple books to understand anything aside from a super soldier trying to save humanity from aliens. Call of Duty is within itself a complete story telling experience and one of the few shooters you'll play simply because of the plot.

  • Revan – Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Considered by many as the one who truly brought balance to the force, Revan was a Jedi incorruptible by the times, who held honor and duty above obedience and servitude to a broken order. Against the Jedi council's wishes, Revan departs to face the Mandalorian threat and bring peace and justice to the galaxies farthest reaches—before returning to purify it at its source. Revan is a villain of right when the heroes of the time are in the wrong: Jedi, Sith, hero, and villain—Revan remains one of the most remarkable and well thought out characters in the Star Wars universe.

If you're a fan of Star Wars (even moderately) and haven't played Knights of the Old Republic you need to stop what you're doing, walk away from the computer, and get on it! KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) is my all-time favorite game…ever.

  • Harry Potter – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: Quite simply, the boy who lived. In a world where wizards mingle among us muggles (Non-magical types), Harry Potter is the only boy to withstand the dreaded and illegal "killing curse". If you're one of the 3 ½ people in the world who hasn't read Harry Potter you need to get on it. The boy who lived is famous for a reason…and so are the Harry Potter books.

How can you be a writer and not be influenced by the highest selling and most popular book of our age? Anyhow, the picture I used was drawn by a dear and very close friend, David Turner (Or ClockerControl at Deviant Art). Very talented, ambitious, and more creative and spontaneous than fireworks at Christmas! Check him out if you can!

  • Gandalf – Lord of the Rings By J.R.R. Tolkien: Wizard, warrior, and lover of little people, Gandalf is a character that the majority of humanity has heard about and loves. Drawn by David Turner in all his wizened glory.

I attribute my love for reading to the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and without either there's no way I'd have the passion about reading that I do today. In fact, if I'd been left to the books that the current school curriculum mandates as "timeless", I don't think I'd be reading at all. . Last month I read, "The Hunger Games," "The Night Angel Trilogy," "All Your Base are Belong to Us", and "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" while only finishing one "assigned" book all throughout Middle School and High School. Hmm…that says something. It's no wonder so few enjoy the pleasures of reading when the education system is what it is.

  • Me: Drawn again by David Turner but I did the coloring on this one. I imagine, I create, I envision, and then I write it all down. Contemplative, calculated, and candid with a quill above my ear, a story in my mind, and a dream in my heart.

So that's it for the banner. Check out David Turner if you have a chance and as always, thank you for reading. I have more to write which I'll post soon but I didn't want this blog entry taking up the whole page!

So, fictional or real, who inspires you?

~Saigo Out~

E3 Aftermath and Predictions (Final Report: Microsoft)

The Decline of Microsoft:

I love my Xbox. I love getting on LIVE, chatting with friends, pwning noobs, watching Netflix, playing some "Kinect Adventures", and even working out a little with "Your Shape: Fitness Evolved." I love earning achievements, watching ESPN highlights, streaming the sounds of last.fm, and catching up on all the latest news stories from MSN as the Xbox remains my go to source for everything entertainment. Now I'm far from a fan boy but I was ecstatic to watch Microsoft's press release at E3: The announcements, the future, the updates, and everything was going to be spectacular—I couldn't have been more disappointed.

I can understand why Microsoft would start things off with the Kinect, it's their baby and they're proud of its potential, but hours later and more scripted kid actors than even a polygamist parent could properly spank, I couldn't believe what was happening. Kinect this, Kinect that, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect! The whole show was about the Kinect! What was Microsoft thinking?! At first my denial turned into justification, then frustration, then anger, and finally outright distain for anything and everything Kinect. Fist bump! Ahh! Now anytime someone stretches out their fist for a casual bump I want to head kick them! By the time the Halo 4 trailer aired I was too disheartened to even be remotely excited—I guess we're lucky they didn't announce it as a Kinect exclusive.

Fist BUMP!!

The whole conference was just one major disgrace after another. Microsoft brought nothing to the table this year, no major announcements, no plans for the future, and if they weren't the first developer to hold their conference they probably would've been booed off stage. E3 is for the media, your most devoted fans, and for your critics: When the stage is that big and you have the clout of Microsoft—you better show up, you better perform, and you better shoot out the lights—simply because you can. Instead Master Chef practically laid on stage for two hours as Mario and Kazuo Hirai teabagged him to the sound of Kinect games and the laughter of children in the background. Awesome.

Whoever decided that the best way to advertise the Kinect was to use their daughter, nephew, and adopted son, should have been fired. The acting was absolutely awful, annoying, and abhorrent to watch. The script was poorly written, the demonstrations were as fake as they were ridiculous, and the entirety of the conference was a choir to watch. Why not have the kids playing the game for the first time? Worried they won't like it? Worried they'll embarrass you on stage because your controls are broken or your game isn't fun? Maybe you should fix your product before pitching it to the masses, stop spending time training Disney reject actors, and develop something the core of your fans will actually want. I honestly like the Kinect but after watching the nightmare that ensued during Microsoft's so called "conference", I felt ashamed, betrayed, and like a fool for ever being a fan.

Hands in the air!! You're under arrest for bad acting!

Why Microsoft is going in the Wrong Direction:

Though the Kinect has great appeal to casual gamers and non-gamers, much like the Wii, and though it's a great add on for most Xbox owners—it's only an add-on. That's all it is—an add-on, an extension, an alternative—you buy a Kinect for your Xbox, not an Xbox to play with your Kinect.

However, Microsoft is starry eyed and enthralled with their latest toy. They've become blinded, infatuated, and illogical in regards to the Kinect's possibilities. They've announce Kinect integration into all their major games, added Kinect features to their dashboard, and even released a Kinect update to their version of Netflix. Attention Microsoft: No one cares. Keep the Kinect where it belongs and the people who want it will buy it if they haven't already. It's fun and fairly unique but don't push your luck—it's not the future you think it is.

If Microsoft keeps pursuing the Kinect with the vigor they've shown so far, the natural, and only, result, will be a decline in other areas. The Kinect is appealing only to a limited audience. If you keep encroaching and incorporating the Kinect into games where it doesn't belong you're going to frustrate the core of your fan base, decrease the playability of your games, and limit your market size by excluding those fans that are unable or unwilling to purchase your add-on.

If Microsoft continues heading down the path they're seemingly bent on pursuing the outcome won't be as jovial or welcoming as they perceive. The Kinect never was the future, never will be the future, and doesn't deserve the support or praise Microsoft is giving it. It's good for what it does but motion controls are a gimmick and the act is almost up. Go back to what you know. Go back to making the games that made your fans your fans. Go back before your ship sails into the sunset of the motion controlled phenomenon never to return again—with the tides of receding sales and the majority of the treasure plundered—it's time to set sail for another coast.

Well that wraps up E3...finally. Though the show had it's highlights I'm honestly glad the whole fiasco is done and over with. Now it's just back to some good old gaming!

~Saigo Out~

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E3 Aftermath and Future Predictions (Part 2: The Failure of the Wii-U)

The Fall of Nintendo:

I've always said "the Wii is a gimmick—an insanely successful gimmick—but a gimmick nonetheless". Motion sensing technology can be fun but is much more of a sideshow attraction than a main event and is no way the future of gaming that Nintendo (Or Microsoft and their Kinect) thinks it is. Besides, making a console focused on motion sensing is doomed to be second rate—especially when you can't even do it right. Now I don't want to go into the details of how Nintendo is only using the x or y axis and not fully utilizing the z (Why a flick of the wrist registers the same as a full baseball swing) and I understand how successful the Wii has been, but rather, I want to focus on why the Wii was so insanely successful and why the Wii-U will fail.

When the Wii-U was announced all I could think of was, "Oh wow—this is going to be as bad as the Virtual Boy was all over again." Let me explain: The Virtual Boy was like the stock market crash of fails for Nintendo. The idea wasn't just bad—it wasn't practical, tested, or properly developed and came at a time when Nintendo considered themselves the Titantic of ships in the gaming world—unsinkable. The Virtual Boy failed for many reasons, (poor design, health issues, and limited games among others) and not only bent the rules of console creation but outright broke them. The Virtual Boy took everything Nintendo had done right over the past few years of success and threw it out the window. It was too much at once, not thoroughly tested, and was discontinued the following year after its release. In short, it was a complete and utter failure.

3D Graphics and Headaches Included

Jump ahead to just after the GameCube era when Nintendo was in dire need of a blowout hit to avoid going the way of Sega. Something had to be done—something innovative—or Nintendo would surely disappear forever from the console race. They were desperate, unable to compete with Microsoft or Sony, and the time to sink or swim was upon them. As the sun began to set on the Nintendo Empire, the brilliant minds of my favorite childhood system rallied, created the Wii, and saved the day while altering the future of video games forever. Without the Wii (and its success), I highly doubt the PS Move or Xbox Kinect would have ever seen the light of day. Nintendo took a gamble, placed all their chips down on one spin of the roulette, and won big time.

The Wii was a massive success because it did what no system had done since the original NES: It brought casual gamers to the table in masses and put the "family" back in the family room. It was affordable, the controls were simple, the games were harmless, motion controls were innovative and fun, and the Wii was something new and exciting for all ages. Though Nintendo lost some of their hardcore fans due to the gimmicky and broken controls (flicking your wrist to hit a home run, box, or dance?), they still hit a grand slam in sales and paved the way for the Wii-U.

Why Nintendo will Fail:

The Wii was successful because it appealed to non-gamers and casual gamers, was innovative and new, inexpensive and approachable, and was very family friendly. The Wii-U however, takes the original Wii's formula for success and egotistically flushes it down the toilet.

Sporting an obese, bulky, and undoubtedly heavy touchscreen controller as one of the major console selling points is as interesting as it is ambitious. It doesn't look cheap, probably isn't durable, and may be too heavy for a young child to play with for long. Aside from the issues of the controller itself, Nintendo has announced that there will only be one controller per console. No, the system doesn't come with just one controller—it only uses one controller (tablet). You're stuck with one Wii-U monster/sumo/levitation controller—and that's it. Period. How's that for family friendly?! On the bright side, Nintendo has announced that you'll be allowed to use the Nintendo 3DS as another controller (marketing at its finest), as well as the traditional nunchuk controllers but only one Wii-U controller can be used at a time. I guess your kids will finally learn to share—or your living room will transform into a UFC fight pit every time someone hits the power button.

My forearms are burning!

Though a very limited amount has been said about the Wii-U's motion control, I can't help but wonder how Nintendo plans on implementing it. I can't imagine Nintendo requiring you to lug that controller around or swing it like a tennis racket unless they actually want you to get the workout that the Wii-fit only promised? With motion controls being the central focus of the original Wii I'd imagine Nintendo wouldn't bypass incorporating it into the Wii-U—but with the way they're going I wouldn't be surprised.

When it comes to the Wii-U's affordability, Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, said in a recent interview with Nikkei Business Daily that the Wii U would likely be priced at more than $250 (The original price of the Wii at launch). Nintendo has yet to announce an official price and probably for good reason considering their stock value dropped over 5% immediately following the announcement of the Wii-U at E3, dropped another 4% the following day, and the Wii-U doesn't look cheap at all. An expensive console, especially when the economy is still on the rebound, isn't a sound investment and is exactly the opposite game plan Nintendo had with the Wii. No wonder stock holders are pulling out in masses.

On another note, Nintendo seems adamant to express their "Mature" 3rd party developer support in a bid to attract the attention of hardcore fans. Though the idea of broadening your fan base isn't a bad one, I do feel that Nintendo is going about it in the wrong direction with the way they're marketing the system. By heavily touting "mature" games, Nintendo is alienating the very fans that made the original Wii such a success. The Wii was bought by parents for younger children and marketing to the wrong geography will result in a decline of sales. The Wii, after all, was made famous by blogging moms—not game crazed teenagers.

As for being innovative the only thing the Wii-U has going for it so far is a touchscreen built into the controller. Touchscreen technology isn't exactly new, hardly breakthrough, and is far better suited to handhelds and cellphones than a console based system.

Finally, the Wii-U will be graphically inferior to its competition. Now wait, wait, wait—I know that Nintendo has announced that the Wii-U will graphically be better than the Ps3 but only barely. My point, however, is we're quickly approaching the end of this generation of consoles and when Sony and Microsoft release their console sequels to the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3—Nintendo will be behind—badly. Now I hesitate to bring this point up because it's not entirely critical. The Wii was the same way graphically but still managed to sell ridiculous amounts of units though their appeal was directed towards casual gamers. With the Wii-U, Nintendo is obsessed with bringing back their hardcore fans but are lacking the graphical appeal (compared to the upcoming generation), and can only hope to have a limited allure in the short timeframe they'll have before the next lineup of consoles are released.

The Wii-U will be expensive, graphically outdated, lacking in appeal to hardcore gamers, and too far of a stretch for its already established family-oriented fan base. Nintendo is trying to be too much to too many people and the Wii-U will suffer from it. Stockholders are weary, fans are divided, and only a true fan-boy would have the nerve to outright support the Wii-U in its current state. While the Wii-U won't sink Nintendo, unless they get their priorities straight, a successful business plan finalized, and recognize who their fans and market are—it could spell the beginning of the end.

~Saigo Out~

E3 Aftermath and Future Predictions

The constant noise has relented, the electric buzz in the air is nearly an inaudible hum, and the dust has finally settled on the electronic circus that was E3 2011. The lights have dimmed, the glow of the cameras have faded, and the big tents and big wigs have moved on and gone home—and yet I find myself slightly confused, betrayed, and full of more questions than answers.

It's been a mere 2 weeks since the world's largest gaming conference and the powers that be have spoken. Nintendo had perhaps the biggest news of the conference with the announcement of the Wii-U, PlayStation followed suite and didn't disappoint with the announcement of their new handheld the PlayStation Vita, while Xbox…um…showed off more kid actors than games and paraded the Kinect like a newly engaged girl flaunts her ring. Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not a fan boy but if I had to be classified for classifications sake I do prefer the Xbox over their competition—but their show was just bad!

After a dismal month of sales in May, Nintendo stockholders pulling out in troves after the Wii-U's announcement, and an uncertain and shaky future on the horizon—I can't help but wonder about the direction the gaming industry is headed in. Up is down, down is up, and as Larry Leissner once said, "If confusion is the first step of knowledge, I must be a genius".

So the way I see it, since everyone's predictions are as good as mine at this point, I'd like to offer my thoughts on each of the major press conferences, one after another, each day this weekend, and talk more so about the future than what actually happened at E3. Not just the winners, the losers, the ups, or the downs, but more importantly the direction each will take and who I think will succeed and while the others fail miserably.

The Rise of the PlayStation

First let's talk about the PlayStation, and though it pains me to say it, Sony seems to have their course set, their compass in hand, and are finally heading in the right direction. Even after the chaos of dealing with the hacking fiasco that had their network down for weeks, PlayStation dusted off their wounds, stiffened their upper lips, and marched on.

Yoshinori Ono

The announcement of the Vita was impressive, hyperactive and oddly dressed Yoshinori Ono aside, and culminates what a new system should be: With vast improvements over the PsP, the PS Vita takes all the good from its predecessor and simply adds to them. With sixaxis motion sensing, a three axis electronic compass, a rear touch pad, and a touchscreen, the PS Vita is attractive to both the hardcore and the new age gamer alike. It's like having a portable Wii with better graphics!

Why Sony will Succeed:

The Vita is modesty priced at $249.99 for a Wi-Fi model and $299.99 for a 3G version, and though the price is reasonable, it's the specs that have sold me. The PS Vita is naturally going to appeal to hardcore gamers as the PsP was the grown up of handhelds this generation and the new motion sensing abilities and touchscreen make games like Uncharted much more accessible to everyone. Complex games often have complex controls and the ability to keep those controls for seasoned veterans or simplify them for newcomers is brilliant. Combine price, accessibility, vastly superior graphics than the competition, marketability, an expanded audience, and PlayStation has a golden ticket with the PS Vita for the future.

Well that's it for today! I was originally planning on posting all 3 together but the blog would have been too much at once, so expect Nintendo tomorrow (Why the Wii-U will Fail) and Microsoft (Why they're going in the wrong direction) on Sunday. As always, thanks for reading, thank for the comments, and thank you for the support!

~Saigo~ Out

Deals of the Week

Deals of the Week:

Well, well, well. It's been a few weeks hasn't it? I've been a little under the weather, my PC had a nasty virus that required quite a few hours of my time, a new BIOS update, 27 driver updates, and some real trickery to fix but I'm back!

Hmm…let's start things off with a bang shall we?

Best Buy has the best deal of the week this week with L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Brink, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters on sale for $39.99 each…and wait for it….wait for it….Dragon Age 2 for $15! What's the catch you might ask? Simple, the game retails for $34.99 this week while Best Buy sells their "Gamer" magazine for $4.99…which happens to include a coupon for $20 off Dragon Age 2. Seems too good to be true right? Well, broke as I am, I staggered over to Best Buy, bought the magazine and used the coupon and boom—Dragon Age 2 for 16 dollars and change. Trust me it works, I have the receipt to prove it.

In addition, Best Buy is also offering a $25 gift card with a Kinect bundle purchase, F.3.A.R.comes with a bonus in-game weapon (If that's your thing?), and Dungeon Siege III is sold with a $10 gift card for being so horrible.

Kmart is a little slim on offerings this week but still shows up with a $15 dollar gaming coupon with the purchase of either Dungeon Siege III, F.E.A.R. 3, Shadows of the Damned, or Transformers 3, which also apparently comes with a comic book.

Amazon is still big on the pre-order scene offering a $10 credit with the pre-order of Batman: Arkham City or Mass Effect 3.

Target is offering a free movie with the purchase of Cars 2. Yay?

GameStop was apparently too busy feeling vastly more superior than their customers to post any sales this week. Actually they did but it wasn't anything worth posting. I just feel bad for people who frequent that place.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Deals

This week's DotW features PopCap games at a discount and includes:

  • Plants vs. Zombies - 1200 MSP down to 600 MSP
  • Peggle - 800 MSP down to 400 MSP
  • Zuma - 400 MSP down to 200 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy - 400 MSP down to 200 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown - 800 MSP down to 400 MSP
  • Bejeweled 2 - 800 MSP down to 400 MSP
  • Bejeweled Blitz LIVE - 800 MSP down to 200 MSP
  • Heavy Weapon - 800 MSP down to 400 MSP
  • Astropop - 800 MSP down to 400 MSP


  • Peggle Nights in Peggle - 400 MSP down to 200 MSP

In addition to the DotW sale, the following Sonic content will go on sale on June 22nd.

  • Sonic Adventures - 400 Microsoft Points - 50% off
  • Sonic and Knuckles- 120 Microsoft Points - 50% off
  • Sonic the Hedgehog- 240 Microsoft Points - 40% off
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2- 240 Microsoft Points - 40% off
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - 240 Microsoft Points - 40% off
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1- 800 Microsoft Points - 33% off

Amazon Lightning Deals

June 21st was the day English mathematician Andrew Wiles finally proved the last theorem of Fermat, the day Guam became a territory of the U.S. in 1898, and the day Mike Tyson sexually harassed a parking lot attendant back in 1987. However, jump ahead to 2011 as history's made once more as Amazon.com announces yet another game exclusive day of lightning deals!

If you're unfamiliar with Amazon's lightning deals the concept is rather simple: The 4gb Kinect bundle for the Xbox 360 will be on sale all day today for $299.99 with a $100 promotional credit towards anything Amazon offers. Meanwhile, mystery games and gaming merchandise will go on sale in 1 to 2 hour increments one after another throughout the day on a first come first served basis. The games are never revealed until their window opens and consumers are left waiting in eager anticipation with only a cryptic hint to wet their curiosity. So without further ado here are the times, the hints, and my suggestions.

** Remember that all deals are time sensitive, so check back to the Gold Box page every now and again to see the official reveal. Also, all times are Pacific Daylight Time and all offers are U.S. exclusive.

6:00 AM - Bring the fitness club to your living room (ExerBeat for the Wii)

8:00 AM - Blend banana-collecting puzzles with manic action gameplay. (Super Monkey Ball 3D for the 3DS)

10:00 AM - Now in its tenth year, this franchise returns with number 7 on the PS3 and X360 (Possibly Dynasty Warriors 7? Maybe?)

12:00 PM - Explore iconic settings including Hogwarts castle, Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest. (Harry Potter…something. Maybe Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4?)

2:00 PM - Join your host, Mr. Potato Head, as you and your family play ****c Hasbro games. (Hasbro Game Collection I'm guessing)

4:00 PM - Listen to your game like it was meant to be heard. (P11 USB headset for Ps3 maybe?)

6:00 PM - Latest iteration of a storied fighter franchise. (Mortal Kombat is my guess?)

8:00 PM - Big savings on this famous NDS puzzle game. (This one is anyone's guess)

Well, there you go. If you have any guesses or suggestions on certain hints then please feel free to post them.

Anyhow, sorry it's been awhile since my last post. My computer caught a nasty virus, I got sick, and the deals of the week haven't been good enough to post lately anyways. Expect another post later tonight for this week's deals, a review for Terraria, and a few more editorials within the week.

~Saigo Out~

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To Change the World

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi –

There comes a time in every life to question or accept—challenge or submit—to stand up or bow down. A time to fight, to resist, to pull free of the chains or to sink blissfully into the ignorance of elective amnesia. A time to lead the UNSC against the covenant horde or to mouth breathe and spawn kill until Earth itself is destroyed. There comes a time to deal death to Dark Spawn and free Ferelden or to rob, plunder, and pillage until the blight consumes all. A time to rally the races, conquer the Deadmines, dethrone Arthas and bring peace to the land or to ninja loot and chat spam until Deathwing obliterates all with cataclysmic fury. There comes a time to decide: If you could change the world, even for a day, would you?

The forces of evil that abound today are no less threatening to the world of gaming than the evil we confront within the games themselves. We oppose the faceless, the nameless, and the shapeless: The Corporation, the System, and the Authority. We stand against power, wealth, and persuasions on an epic scale and though our numbers are many bombarded by few, we're corned, collared, and cowered exactly where they want us. We, a nation of gamers, united by our love and passion for games, entertainment, and competition—are ruled and conquered by the greed of suits, the swagger of businessmen, and the almighty dollar of sales and statistics. We accept, we submit, and we bow down shamelessly before handing over our hard earned wages with a smile on our faces and a thank you on our lips.

We wait in lines, sometimes for days, to buy new releases and collector editions that will still be available years later (Halo 3's legendary edition, Fable II's Limited Edition, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition are all still available new and at a discount on amazon.com). We accept rushed and buggy titles, we pay full price every year for a new cover athlete and roster update, and we support companies who won't even support their own games after release. With game prices rising, creative innovation dying, and game companies sucking the passion, pleasure, and lifeblood out of gaming through underdeveloped releases, quick dollar tactics, and overpriced content—something needs to be done. When Activision posts quarter one profits at $503 million, states that Black Ops made more than $1 billion in less than two months, and then announces that Modern Warfare 3 will include a premium tier subscription based pay plan—something has to change. When map packs cost $15 for 3 new and 2 old maps, when outdated downloadable content doesn't drop in price years and sequels later, and when more content is available for download on release day than content on the disc (Tiger Woods 12: The Masters")—something has to give. We've become so complacent, so predictable, and so easily bought and sold that the game industry feeds us the fodder and we beg for more.

We need to defy the system, abolish the greed, and we need to do it together. In fact, it's impossible to do it any other way—I need you beside me, united, convicted, and determined to make the change for the greater good. It won't be easy. We'll miss out on a few overrated games, we'll have to pass up a few overpriced map packs, and we'll have to save our Microsoft and PlayStation points for a rainy day—but we can overcome! As V in V for Vendetta would undoubtedly say, "fans should no longer fear the industry—the industry should fear their fans".

We have the power and the ability to demand change: In the world of gaming the consumer is the judge, jury, and executioner. If a game doesn't meet our standards we can put the developer's necks in the financial noose by not purchasing the game regardless of the media hype or pressure. If content is overpriced we can endure the illusion of our social obligations and the mirage of clever marketing and demand something better—or at least something cheaper. We have the master summon, the ultimate weapon, the secret move and the legendary stats of all stats: Money, a voice, and a choice—to support, or not to support—was there ever really another question?

If we could resist, if we could unite, if we could endure, envision, and escape our bonds by letting our actions and wallets speak we'd empower ourselves and truly become the change we want to see in the world of gaming. Gone would be the days when a company spokesman would dare claim that fans buying used games were more damaging to their coffers than piracy. Gone would be the days when a franchise sequel would guarantee dollars in the bank no matter how bad or repetitive the gameplay was and gone would be the days of downloadable content being available at release! We'd force developers to create, innovate, or sink. We'd demand that a game not ship until it was complete, tested, and found worthy of our time and money. We'd drive out industry corruption, biased and bought out reviews, million dollar marketing campaigns, and we'd have quality, reasonable prices, and honest competition oriented on making good games rather than just good money. The next generation of Will Wright's and Shigeru Miyamoto's would find their opportunities and niche's anew as creativity and gameplay took precedence over advertising appeal and marketability. Innovation would be reborn, new genre's would be created, and developers would put everything they could into an original release to ensure future downloadable content was an option once a game had gone gold. We'd topple the greedy, undermine the manipulative, and confront the pretenders until each in turn was forced out the door. Now is the time to fight, to resist, to pull free of the chains our complacency has bound us with: The battle lines have been drawn—where will you stand?

If you could change the world, would you? The choice is yours and yours alone.

Deals of the Week (5/29 to 6/4)

Deals of the Week:

This week's deals of the week are a little lackluster and I'm busy with other projects so I'm just going to list them as they are without my usual commentary.

**Note** If you'd prefer to hear the deals this way over my typical presentation then please let me know.

Amazon is offering a $10 dollar discount off of select Kinect titles, pre-order credit bonuses on Mass Effect 3 ($10), Madden NFL 12 ($20), and F.E.A.R. 3 ($20 with a free F.E.A.R. comic book)

Best Buy is offering aXbox 360 250gb console with $50 gift card ($299.99), 3-Month Xbox Live Gold for only $14.99, $10 off of any Call of Duty game with a pre-order of MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) and Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for $9.99.

GameStop shows up big time this week by offering an amazing deal when you Pre-order CoD: Modern Warfare 3, you'll receive a GS exclusive free poster! Stop what you're doing, back away from the computer, and get your free poster now! Aside from that you can Save $40 when you trade 2 select games towards Infamous 2.

Kmart is offering a $60 gaming coupon with the purchase of a 250GB Kinect bundle, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Kinect Sports, Dance Central, and Kinectimals are all $39.99 this week, and if you buy a 3DS you'll get Madden NFL or Sims 3 free ($249.99).

Target is also offering a $50 gift card for the purchase of an Xbox 360 4GB system, Mortal Kombat and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean are both $39.99, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is $29.99.

Toys R Us shows up this week by offering a $50 gift card and a free accessory ($29.99 or below) with the purchase of a Xbox 360 4GB system and a special on where you buy 1, get 1 50% off all DS & 3DS games

Marketplace Deals of the Week:

This week's Deals of the Week revolve around the Rock Band series of games:

  • Ozzy Osbourne Music Pack 01 is down from 800MSP to 560 MSP.

  • Avenged Sevenfold Music Pack 01 is down from 440MSP to 320 MSP

  • All That Remains Music Pack 01 is down from 440MSP to 320 MSP

  • Dr. Feelgood (Album) is down from 1280MSP to 880 MSP
  • Screaming for Vengeance (Album) is down from 1200MSP to 800 MSP

Well that's it for this week, sorry I didn't have my typical hyperlinks to the deals...Gamespot's html editor was giving me grief so I pulled the plug in order to post the blog. Anyhow, on another note I just bought Terraria for the PC for $9.99 and I'm kind of excited to give it a go. If any of you have it drop me a line and we can play.

~Saigo Out~

**Special Thanks** CAG and Mancide

Girls: The Holy Grail of Gaming

Admit it: If you're a red blooded manly man gamer who eats The Covenant for breakfast, teabags Arthas for lunch, and relaxes for the evening with a heaping helping of Solid Snake…then odds are your ideal woman is more Felicia Day than Brooklyn Decker. Ok fine, your ideal woman is more Felicia Day's personality in Brooklyn Decker's body.

Now personality and looks aside (because that doesn't matter right? Right!?) I think it's fair to say that most of us here would prefer a partner who gamed. Sure, maybe not extensively (like only seeing each other when the servers are down), but at least enough to enjoy the occasional game with. We want to do the things we love with the ones we love! Besides, if I'm going to sit there at the mall holding her purse while trudging between clothes racks as she looks for affordable loot, the least she can do is try.

So where does a man begin? Mario, Sonic, Portal, Rock Band, new school, old school…or on his knees begging with promises of cooking dinner, doing choirs, and offering backrubs? What's the best way to start, how do you approach it, and above all—how do you keep her gaming until Sony releases the PlayStation 103? Perhaps the question of getting a girl to game isn't one of life's great mysterious but a gaming girlfriend could be one of life's greatest treasures. So, if you've discovered this holy grail of gaming, or have converted a girl to the gaming gospel, please let me know how it happened and how you did it!

~Saigo Out~