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will the new Slim with the added RAM be able to process pages that require a greater amount of cache?
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yup i played runescape in the 5th grade -_- but now i have money, and a real computer
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Redownload the client at Guildwars.comLuminouslight

alright ill give it a try

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so today i got a new ISP and new internet, since i live in the middle of no where i just got satillate Boardband, everything is working great, loading large pages and streaming movies and music fine. but when i try to connect to guild wars it just leaves at "connecting to arenanet" and goes no where. and it just stays like this forever. i turned off my router firewall , and windows is set to allow but nothing is working. anyone have any suggestions?
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i find them to ve very accurit
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i dont have high hopes for it since MTV is involved -_-
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i recommend GW over WOW, ive played WoW more than GW... dont make my mistake
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guild wrs!!! FTW
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i her they hve to be the same card, so it would probley be better getting a new card. & crossfire is the sme thig as SLI