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for the last two weeks i have been in japan on a student ambassidor program called people to people. The first day we flew into Osaka and went to are hotel Kyoto, and we had dinner which was extremely good, it was rice with steak and mushrooms. i have never like mushrooms so much in all my life they were the best part. for the next days we went shopping and practiced japanese celigriphy and had a tea ceremony. Than we visited the shoguns palace, it was very interesting to hear about they stealth detections system of rusty nails in the floor. while we were headed out of Kyoto we stopped at a feudal castle, the castle itself was designed to get invaders lost so of corse i got everyone lost as we were leaving

i cant even remeber what happend the next few days but i can tell you it was fun :)

while we were in the mt.Fuji area we stopped at a volcanic moutain, mainly because we were expeiences public baths in all natural water, but also because we went to see the boiling of eggs naturaly. the japanese have a way of boiling and egg in volcanic water and all the minerals sucked into the egg turning in black.

than we hiked from station 4 on my fugi to station 5, surprisingly it didn't take that long and was very fun, note: you are above the clouds when you are hiking from station 4 up.

oh yeah and before all this for we days we were split up into groups and put into homestays with japanese familys, mine bought my group komonos (playboy white for me) and took us to a public bath.

next was tokyo and tokyo is huge!!! the biggest city ive ever seen. my and my friends had some very interesting shopping experiences here but it was all worth it.

I miss the soviet union in games

I remeber the day when it was soviet union as one of the major enemys,allies/playable races in games... it seems to me that they have been replacet my china, we all need a communist team in games but china seems, at as military professional as the USSR did. i china is known for its child slave labor, seat shops, idustrail parks, and pollution. but the soviets were known for being a military super power, and thats what i want in GAMES!!!11 i want the red army back, C&C did the best job of putting the soviets in games they were the enemy and the ally! you could pick, instead of games where all you did is "hunt me some reds". hopefully world in conflict will do a good job of using the soviet super powers to make a fun RTS like C&C back before westwood was bought out by those greedy **** at EA.