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Yes! Wait...

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City is dead right now. Happy new year and stuffs.

Perfect time to run around naked right now, or to conquer the world. >__>

I liked this year, made some new friends, married someone, married someone else, still married with soufy. ^__^

Yeah... no.. bai pai.

P.S. Remember... Pure loves you, except... he doesn't really.  That was mean I know.

womgz hai!

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I've been working for the last 3 weeks, fun stuff. So far it's okay, I'm learning a few things too. I work at a school fixing computers and stuff. So far all I've really been doing was some small chores and installing projecting devices. It's not really a job, since I don't get paid by the hour. I get about 150 a month and since it's not really a job, and you normally don't get anything it makes me quite satisfied to know I'm atleast getting something. Plus the coffee is free!

The students there are okayish, mostly girls a few guys. You know what I mean. ;D
Supposedly, I have a girlfriend. There is this girl walking around that calls me her boyfriend, I don't like her and I don't want to know her. I was asked for my msn many times, each time I declined.

It's kind of sad how most of the girls act all *ahem* when they are in groups. A few of them even know my name.  So far there are few that I'd actually like, and they atleast shut up.

Imagine being asked for your number, msn and autograph (0.o) a few times.

So far it's all going well, my colleagues are nice I get along quite nicely with them. My boss is okay too, although he seems kind of hard on me blaming me for everything that goes wrong, even though he claims not to be hard on me because this is my first job.
Like when a laptop and projecting device got stolen, I only felt responsible for the projecting device although it was not locked to the cart it's installed on.

So I guess that's it.

COMMENT MAI BLAWG OR I WILL.... nibble your ears?

Bai! ^__^

I want j00!

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Yes j00 ¬_¬

To join my army of doom!
To conquer the world, and fire huge friggin lazzors!
You get a free mudkippar upon joining.


Hai gaiz and gurls!
I'm getting close to the end of this school year, I'll be getting a job in the summer to save up monay. I might also have some fun with my dads computer sometime, messing around with it and upgrading it. >__>

Bai gaiz and gurls!
Now begone before I charge ma laysior!
Have a pleasant day..

Friendly Pure >_>


Come hither...

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*whispers hawt and romantic things in your ear*

I can't think of anything interesting to say sawry  . Wait why should I be sorry at all? Is it because I want you guys to like me, or because I'm just a nice guy *ahem* me nice? *ahem*.

That was confusing. I would've typed more but I'm rather lazy, and hungry.

Don't forget Pure wubs you

Except Canuck.

I guess I should put something interesting here?

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Wouldn't you agree?

So... I'll just give you guys an update.

I'm going to be quite busy the next 9 weeks or so, since I have to sit at school for 33 hours a week, ****s start at 8.30 and finish at 15.30.. yeah it's crappy, and to be very honest normal school was better atleast there you don't have to sit behind a crappy computer and do some lame work >_>

A certain someone hasn't been talking to me for quite awhile and that bothers me alot

My guitar has serious problems so I might have to get something fixed. It suffers from fret buzz on the sixth string, so each time I strum you can hear the string hitting the fret and causing annoying buzzing sounds. I tried lots of things to fix that nothing works though.

Also.. the light of the party has returned....
His hippayness


So that's it I guess.

A city in chaos..

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This entiere week and last weekend the city in live in has been filled with chaos.... now before you start pointing at me, I really didn't do anything, so don't blame this on the demon okay >_>

Either way...

It all started with a riot in a certain part of the city. The youth was causing a bit of problems there. So a guy calls, cops arrive bla bla bla.. before the officer knows it the guy freaks out and grabs a knife, the officer shot him in the chest. I only found this stuff out 2 days ago.

On tuesday and wensday I heard sirenes a lot, and saw a few ME (Mobile Unit sorta like SWAT) busses passing by. As I'm typing this I've seen them pass by a few times. That part of the city is closed down and only residents can get in.

When I got home today, I saw a few police cars and officers infront of a bank near my house. Ribbon around the area and stuff.

I hope hell doesn't break loose here :o

Sunsha is evil, I have proof..

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By revealing this I also know the consequenses the pain that will follow and the punishment I will recieve but you must know this.

"Aria says:
 I never cared much for pancakes"

That's like striking a spear through my heart :cry: She also threatened to tickle me :(

Best blog EVAR!


Le busy..

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Having a bad week and suddenly got a lot of stuff on my hands right now. Teacher decided that he would partner people up for the coming projects, so I'm stuck with a guy I don't know >_> Teacher wants us to finish project in 3 weeks.. Not going to make it for sure.. :(

I need to get prepared for a training period of nine weeks that starts on April the 13th. Have to work in an ICT company to learn some things.  Above all that mess, my shedule has been changed, I am free on Wensday mornings, and school has become a lot less boring cause I get to build computers nao! ^_^

I travel to school by bus and guess who gets in? A freaky guy that talks to himself, I've seen him go in the same bus a few times before. Something about him is just not right. He talks to himself on the bus, and I'm like " You have some mental issues :|" Ofcourse I didn't say that.. my instinct says I'd better stay away. >_>

This week turned out bad cause I suddenly don't feel all to well, and my guitar string broke :(
So thar. That's what's been happening to me the last few weeks. Exciting! >_>


Pure has a gitarrr

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I bought myself a sexay guitar today.. it owns.. need to tune it though, and even though the electric tuner says the note is fine.. I think it's wrong, so we got into a fight and well.. we ain't talking anymore >___>
= |
I'm going to practice hard so I can melt your faces, and be famous like In vie Malmstin :| Right Alvin? ;)

I would also like to add that I've been nominated 2 times for best international user in the OTcars.. good for the people who voted for me.. cause you would've been eaten otherwise! :|