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Oh wow. Another death...


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Guys, don't quote long chains of images. It kills my internet.
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Game should do a track with Slaughterhouse, id like to see that.Mkavanaugh77
He has done a song with everyone except for Joell Ortiz, I think, and he's suppose to be on Royce's album.
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I'm down for some GTA, CoD or pretty much every other shooter except Halo when I get Gold (probably buying this weekend or next week) :P just hollerate at me on Live my nick is LiveFADE.

I just copped a new computer the other day can't wait to play some good RTS games again cause damn that basically a non existant genre on consoles. Btw anyone got some suggestions for some good PC games I mostly play RTS games and FPS games on the PC but I'm open to RPGs if they doesn't feel repetitive? Last games I played for the PC was Company Of Heroes, World In Conflict & The Orange Box other than that I haven't played any new releases since 06-07.


I played Company of Heroes almost religiously.

You have a Steam or Xfire account?

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Apparently one of the girls was TI's daughter.
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Looks amazing. I wish they put this much effort into Platinum. What do you guys think?

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[QUOTE="-PuLse"]Wow. That is probably the stupidest banning I have ever witnessed on any site. :|TheBigTicket21
you think? :|

Yeah dude. Colt will be back anyway.

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Wow. That is probably the stupidest banning I have ever witnessed on any site. :|
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I had high hopes for this...:(