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Haha, Hey.

Well, it's been awhile. Not sure if any of you actually remember me, but I guess I can try to get on more often. It's just a shame...It seems as if most of my old favorite Unions are either dead or close to it. So yeah, I'll see what's been goin' down. :P

Hey everyone!

Well, it seems as though I'm kind of back. Well, I won't be on full-time, but I'll show up everyday or every other day and stay on for an hr. or so.

See you guys and gals around!

~Talon (Link)

Leaving GS, yet again...

I've been very busy with work, and somehow two girls, and of course been busy with friends...O.o I don't know when I'll be back, but I will be back someday.

Farewell until next time.

i pwn n00bs

haha, I just ordered my "i pwn n00bs" t-shirt. Hopefully it will be here before I leave to California this Sunday. :)

Thats all I have to say for right now. So later peeps!


I'm back! (Guild Wars Update)

Well, I'm back!  The colds over.  But it was a little more than a cold. :P

Guild Wars is so addicting. :D  I love that game so much.  I've already reached the maxed lvl. :lol:  My guys name is "Murtagh The Mighty"  So if you play it, add me! 

I'm busy today, so I won't be able to post.  But I will be able to tomorow.  I'm on meh spring break now. :)

Later everyone!


I'm Sick! :(

You may have noticed that I haven't been on for a few days.  Well I've been sick.  Today I found the energy to come on, but I probably won't be on for a few more days.  I'm sorry to everyone, but I'll be active again once I'm feeling better (It's a really bad cold by the way).


Got Guild Wars!

Well, it seems as though I purchased Guild Wars today. :)  I'm going to be playing it for awhile tonight, and maybe I'll play it a bunch tomorow. :P

Don't worry though, I won't forget about GS, I've got too many responsibilities on here to do that.  Talk to you all later! :D


New videos (Pretty cool), and emblems.

First off, I've got some new emblems (All of the video ones are new).  Here are my videos, be honest with them, recommend them if you want, and I always except comments. :D

Enjoy. :)(By the way, watch the whole FFXII Opening, it's really great.)





New Union Promotion's (FFE+FT)! + New Profile Banner!

I've been promoted in two great unions recently. The "FinalFantasy Experience" (GameSpot Endorsed) with Fantasy_Gamer as the leader. I've also been promoted in Fantasy Threads, with Maa4208 as the leader. Not sure how I managed it, but it is indeed a priveledge not many people have to be an officer in two great unions. Lets just see if I can make it last. :)

Also, I've got a new banner! Tell me what you think about it. :D