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Next-gen | My current generation consoles and games suddenly feel outdated

Now this doesn't really pertain to PC gamers, most have become accustomed to a high level of graphics and game performance, but ever since the PS4 announcement, and the inevitable Nextbox announcement, my current games just seem...well, dated. 

I played through the God of War: Accession demo, and while the game looks good, I can't help but think how much better it would look on next-gen hardware.  And my hype for upcoming games like God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us and GTA V has suddenly dropped because of this (I still plan on buying these games).  I know graphics aren't everything, but it is certainly nice to have, and with those particular games it really helps with immersing you into the worlds they are trying to create. 

I look at a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall, and be amazed by how great it looks.  Sure it probably doesn't play much different from any other FPS, but leap in graphics alone make me want to put down BF3 (well seeing BF3 on PC already wanted me to do that too). 

Or I look at a game like Watch Dogs, and I worry that I can't enjoy GTA V as much because of the graphical differences the two games are bound to have.  GTA V could still be the better game, but it could be an even better game if it was on PS4, or the Nextbox.

And it's not just the graphics that diminish my game playing experience, it's also the controller, the UI, and the features of the current generation of consoles.  I look at my Duelshock 3 now and it just seems archaic to me when compared to the Duelshock 4:


The analog sticks, triggers, D-Pad, textured grip, and ergonomics look so much better and more comfortable than the current Duelshock.

Gaming on my PS3 now just isn't the same as it was two years ago, hell even one year ago. 

I want more out of my games, and my system. The XMB is slow, practically featureless in-game.  The PS4 brings tons of new features to the table with the ability to live stream my games, view and comment on my friend's live streams, share my best multiplayer moments or a funny bug in a game with my friends by uploading them to my PS4 or Facebook with a press of a button, being able to play all those PS4 games from my Vita while laying in bed, downloading my updates in the background while I play a game, play a demo or game instantly from the PS Store, and finally being able to cross-game chat with some buddies on a PlayStation console (Vita aside).  Even something as simple as a suspend mode on the PS4 makes the PS3 feel obsolete.   


To make a long story short:

I am ready for next-gen.