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I'm back and better then ever.

Hey everybody. I am back from my 3 day suspension. Glad to be back. :D

I actually have my life back now thanks to that. I was enjoying swimming in our pool in 90 degree weather and eating at the same time as my family. Somehow GameSpot doesn't seem as important as it once was to me. I'll still be here frequently, but not as often.

Anything happen today in your life?

Well my dad has done it again...

No internet today. Luckily he is out for a little while so hopefully I can be on now without getting caught. Oh, and in other news my family has given me the family playstation 2. I now have it in my room. Next up - Xbox. My brother will then lose to me on Xbox live with my 1337 skills! :twisted:

Anything exciting happen in your lives today?

More, More, More!!

2 more recent signatures. I made them both. Even the second one. Brushes from deviantart.com were used though. Hope you like them.

Red Wake

Red Wake

The Death Penalty. For or Against?

I am a part of each. Despite the fact that we are murdering our own citizens, we are also keeping serial killers and murderers of the streets and preventing more deaths. 1 serial killer kills 15 people. If we kill a serial killer then we prevent anymore murders from him. What do you think?


Orioles pwn Red Sox. 8-1.

Here is the one thing I don't understand.

How can the Orioles lose to the Tigers 3 times in a row and then go in and dominate the Red Sox?

It seems like the Orioles can beat all the good teams, but lose to the sucky ones. Discuss.

That is something I do not want to do again.

Ugh! 3 hours of sitting answering algebra questions. I finished early, which was weird for me since I usally freeze on tests, but anyway. I just remembered one thing... "The grade I get reflects on the teachers." :)

Anything exciting happen in your lives today? Glad to be home for this 4 day weekend.