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Supersonics Fan Rally, be there!!

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There will be a Fan rally at the Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart in Seattle on June 16. Rally begins at 4:30 pm so be there by arount 4 ish. GARY PAYTON is comfirmed to speak, along with Xavier McDaniel (Jamal Crawford also said he might be there) and its supposed to be really big and get national attention. So if you're in the area go and show some support to keep the team here in Seattle.

I gotz me some tickets!!!!111

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I just bought tickets to the Sonics-Bucks game on Dec. 7. I've been a Sonics fan since I was young, and this is the first time I'm going to watch them play. Even though we might lose, I cant wait!!!!!!:x

Edit: woohoo, we won!!