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Left because of them and back because of them

Hi again everyone. Looks like it's been 2 years already >.>

I've been a Giant Bomb Subscriber for quite a while now and looks like both of these sites are owned by the same publisher. Because of this they decided to give a promotional GameSpot subscription for some of the Giant Bomb users. Looks like I'm (partially) back here.

I have to admit that the main reason I didn't feel like using this site was those annoying ads. Now that's out of the way I'll be glad to browse both sites. Thanks CBS and whoever thought of this promotion ^^

Hit me up there too. Would love to have more blog and forum posts to read posted by you: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/nintendude/

I just cancelled my total access subscription

I don't think GameSpot is worth my money anymore. I still care to use only Giant Bomb for gaming related reading and videos, their forums are more my liking as well. Nothing against the new GameSpot, I just feel that everything I was willing to subscribe for, is gone. First it was only for E3, next it was those live events only held for the subscribers and of course the lack of ads. After that it was the chat during every OTS show, I know everyone could chat there but I felt that my sub was worth the money because of it. It was just so fun to support site with such a nice feature.

Now they took down the chat and ripped the On The Spot show apart, what do you have left for me? Nothing worth mentioning. Lack of ads might be good but that doesn't really change anything if I'm not even using the site to browse anymore.

The only thing I might re-sub for a month is well covered E3 with exclusive live footage and developer demos. If the E3 coverage will be anything like the one last year and before that, sign me up. That means there needs to be enough live content. For me, it was the thing I signed up for and also will be if you plan to exploit E3 the best way you can ^^

Oh right, there is that game collection list which I will be using from now on also. It's so much better than the Giant Bomb one.

I've kinda moved on to Giant Bomb, still thinking if GS in addition is worth it.

I've pretty much lost interest using GameSpot and been checking less and less stuff over here. Most of us know that this site is nothing like it used to be since some of the best old editors moved on. I think everything over here has gone even worse during the last year. There are hardly any live coverage anymore which was the main reason I subscribed few years back. I used to watch OTS but they ruined it with that short daily stuff, I just hate it when I've seen a whole episode of the show without an interesting game. It's just the format which makes me angry not the show itself really.

Couple things I could praise over Giant Bomb are collection list with personal scores and bigger forums (note that bigger is not always a good thing).

I decided a moment ago that I'll stick around checking how things are going over this side until my subscription ends. (Maybe few times a week from now on instead around twice a month.) Additionally The HotSpot is something I haven't listened this year at all so I should check out that stuff also. Maybe I'll see something worth subscribing even, good enough E3 coverage might change my mind for example.

I could use GS after my subscription ends but I know those freaking ads would drive me nuts for sure, so that option is out of the question really.

Status update: Red Ringed Xbox, Aion: The Tower of Eternity and a new MacBook

That what happened couple days ago when I came home from army. I got the damn Red Ring or RRoD (Red Ring of Death) like many of you call it. I still have a month left in army so I don't really need the console rigth now which is good since it might take a while until I get it back from the warranty repair.

I have had my xbox for over a year now so I'm not really surprised it failed on me now. I'm not sure when Mircosoft updated the hardware but I was quite sure it didn't have the more heat resistant parts in it.

I'm currently playing a bit of Aion: The Tower of Eternity on my free time. They just opened the servers for Open Beta and the game is feeling quite good. Not sure if I will start playing it after the 1 free month I get for purchasing the game, though. Need to think about it more when the beta is over.

I still haven't really used to the idea of paying for MMO games. When the WoW was released I wasn't too into MMOs. Later, around a year after the Guild Wars was released, I thought it might be a good idea to try. I liked the idea of being able to play it once in a while when I felt like some RPG action instead of feeling to play the game over others just because I constantly pay for it and want to get most out of my money.

I played Guild Wars for for some time but felt like the PvE was too shallow because of the low level cap. I never ended up playing with a PvP character for some reason, maybe I was just so used to story modes of other games before GW.

Next I tried quite many other free MMO games, the ones which use micro transactions to make income. I never felt like buying anything for those since the game enhancements didn't feel enhancing enough or the game wasn't good enough to make me feel like I'd want to support the game up-keeper.

Later after I bought my Xbox 360 I thought to try Final Fantasy XI just for fun. It was the first MMO I paid for and the first with a subscription. It seemed nice since it was relatavely new and different because of the console controls. btw, you can use an usb keyboard on Xbox to write in the game. FF XI was really hard to start, first of all after I created my character and entered the world for the first time I had a instant feeling of being lost and had no idea what to do first in the town. The game totally lacked a tutorial and markers on map to point where to go. I played the game 1,5 months in total, mostly because I found a nice link shell (=kinda like a guild) to chat in with other people. The reason why I ended the game so early was that you can't really solo after the few first levels and it didn't really help that you need to have the party members in the same level range +-2 levels if your own so everyone could get most out of the party. Note: They fixed this just after I decided to quit the game so it's not that restrictiong anymore.

Next I went back to 2Moons one of the free MMO games I played before Final Fantasy. Actually this time it was the European server of the game instead of the US one, the game is known as Dekaron outside US. I played it around 3 months and got to twice higher level this time since I knew so much about the game and leveling was a somewhat faster because of that. I used to like it a lot back then and paid a tenner for some discounted items such as pet, autofishing enabling exp rune and some event items which let the player to do some event quests.

And now around 10 months later, after I gave up on MMOs because I had something better to do before gowing to army, there is this new AION. I'm really interested to see what the game brings with it and more than anything I'm interested to see if it will be enough to make it worth the subscription.

Oh btw, I got the aluminium MacBook around 6 months ago. Really big upgrade compared to my quite old Table-top PC. Windows with BootCamp is great addition to the OS X which works for everything else but games.

That's about it this time, bye for now ^__^

Wow Microsoft, gotta say I'm impressed ^^

I missed almost an hour of the show but I'm still quite satisfied with the stuff I saw.

I'm quite stunned how many new features 360 is gonna have with all of those last.fm, twitter and facebook stuff. It's also gonna be great to be able to rent some movies here in Finland (the current thing isn't available over here).

The real time motion capture stuff looked nice also, though I kinda hate those casual Wii games so I'm not that excited about it really, hehe. I think Sports and Extreme Sports games will really benefit that feature if it works well enough. As long as the motions won't lag too far behind.

Oh and I've been waiting quite long time to see more of Alan Wake and was really satisfied with the short demo they showed, Remedy is a local game house after all ^^. Oh yeah and Metal Gear should be quite cool also, not a fan really but the games are definitely worth a play.

Gonna add some more impressions when I check the rest of the press conference ^^

Still in military...

Yeah, so I've been in navy for the last 4 weeks. It's so lame that every man needs to do military service for 6-12 months here in Finland. Looks like I will be staying there for 9 months, not sure about that yet. But anyway, it is eating pretty much all my free time outside weekends. This is damn hard to get used to but guess I have to live with it...

2 hours is rarely a marathon even outside the game scene

Just call it a live demo or something instead of marathon. I missed the whole animal crossing 'marathon' GS made. I was sure that I can see the end of it when I come back home and watch the beginning later, the main reason I'm pissed is not being able to chat about the footage while watching.

If they would have called it a live demo, or something which doesn't make people think something that's many hours long*, I would have been able to change my plans a bit to see part of it live.

I also would have liked to get the emblem since I'm still somewhat preferring Nintendo over other game companies. (In the lack of more "hard core" games and other must buy titles on Wii I needed to get 360** .) I still really like those great Game Cube era styled less casual releases of Nintendo outside the "Wii [stuff]" games.

*around 3 hours or more

**this was at the time when they revealed Wii Music and had their worst E3 press event ever, I finally realized that the casual market was going to be in way too dominant part of Nintendo at least during the next year or few. I got 360 to keep me entartained enough.

Something short I gotta say to you guys

If you download DJ Max Portable - Clazziquai Edition for PSP (game page) and feel like playing it more than 3 hours without going to import a copy, I HATE YOU. Oh and if you are one of those, the least you can do is "delete yourself". Ok don't, maybe there is something good in you anyway... just let me know that you are extremely cheap so I can delete you from my friends list.

Downloading without paying is illegal and downloading without paying for something what's 100% worth it, is just damn stupid.

That's all and see ya next time.

Perfect World, anyone play already or want to try?

Looking for Perfect World players to play with. Been playing the game for a while now and I think it's a rather good for a Free2Play MMO, if any one of you are interested to try and want free help to get you into the game, let me know. I'll also try to help already playing people and can party with around level 20 players.

For new players the International server registeration page is here. Download page should appear after the registeration form.

(ok I admit that it's a referral link but I'm offering my help also ^^ always fun to have more good people on friends list anyway and I like to help players, new to MMO or not.)

Btw, if you are looking a bit different kind of MMO with much darker theme 2Moons/Dekaron might be it. 2Moons is the US server and Dekaron is the European server, I'm currently actively playing on the European server but don't mind to help out on the US server either. I have around 60 level Segnale (=healer) on both servers.

Drop a comment if you have some general character creation questions or your in game name if you want me to add you on my list and help out in game with other stuff.