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Hmmm, let's be fun and list the games I've enoyed most.

Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 11 , Age of Mythology, Age of Empires, Enchanted Arms, Diablo 2,  and I'll edit this later when I'm not suppose to be typing up a 1,000 word essay on Plagairism. Caio!



How about all of you?

What are you playing now?

Hey all,
I'm curious what my Gamespot homies are playing now?
I'm playing the usual still.
(Enchanted Arms, DOA4, Dead Rising, Gears of War,  andOblivion)
Games ..I have in the house: Smackdown VS raw, and Madden 07.
8 games total, sold DOA Xtreme, and FEAR (2 of the worset games ever IMO) I'd sell that stupid WWE game accept I don't own it.
Oh well,


Life....down the hole.

Life......sucks. Basically it's really really bad....

Annnd, I'm just curious how my amazing GS friends life's are? please tell me all :)

So..I'm really enjoying my Xbox 360

I am really enjoying my Xbox 360.I don't play it like an addict but I love my game collection..I always have something to play when I'm bored, up late, or stressed...But I mean serioustly, between demos, videos, 7 arcade games, 8 games and XBL...I have no need for any handheld, PS3 or Wii....I am happy with this thing!

Although I'll probably buy a Mac, I'll still have my XP computer and always my Microsoft Xbox 360.

Thank you MS!

I have the ultimate Ringu DVD collection!

Since not everuone on my friends list is a "close friend" I would like to get the point across that, I, Nevar, absolutely love Japanese horror movies. And recently, as an early Christmas gift, I was given the "Ringu Athology of Terror" DVD kit. This bad boy contains Ringu, Rasen, Ringu 2, and Ringu 0 (Those are all in order) All of these amaazing rare Japanese DVD's for just shy of $40! Nice if you ask me.
Also, I own Ju-On.
Woo hoo, now I just need some Japanese RPG's!

I will be a local janitor!!

Yes, there is a 90% chance of me becomin a part time janitor at my local Mall.
Why? because the boss is a really close firend that is willing to flex with my school, and pay me an extra $2 because It's part time and I get no benefits.

That is $12 an hour, yes, TWELVE bucks. I'll clean anyones mall for that money. That's the best money I'll ever get at 17 years old.

Japan is getting closer by the day.

The coming out....360 style.

Alright, so easy put cow friends: I own a Xbox 360. Do I hate Sony? no, I'm just probably not going to buy a PS3.

Do any of you remember my "gaming dying" posts? Yeah, that's dead. Being a full on cow, worshiping franchises I honestly didn't care for--It's easy to lose touch with gaming. Regardless, the ever so bashed Xbox 360 gaming console has turned that around.

Needles to say, the 360 has stole my thunder so much the Xbox area of Gamespot has replaced my old GS favorite "home" area. And sadly, I've forgotten all about PS3 and the Wii--This time, I'm not lying to myself. Xbox live is everything I had hoped, and then some. I absolutely love it, and it is well worth $50 a year. It doesn't have too much lag (cousin Stephani aside) and it's so easy to use. I've downloaded many demos (impressions come later) and have bought the most games in a single setting thus far.

I currently own: Gears of War, Saints Row, Fear, DOA 4, and Dead Rising.
I can't say which I like most, fear was actually bought by a friend, Potter. I currently want to buy still, Oblivion, Condemned, and one other game.

Anyway, evenly put the ever so hated Microsoft has rejoiced my gaming. Before, as a huge cow- I would always look at Xbox's section, as well as the Wii. I am so beyond satisfied to the point I simply DO NOT CARE about the competition, This being the first time I can remember, ever.

Really, I don't like MS, and it takes a lot of convincing to maintain a cow as long as I did. When I owned all 3 last generation consoles, I usually did check Xbox's section in the game store as default, THEN moved to Gamecube and PS2. I preferred Xbox's better graphics and over all controller S scheme.

Anyway, if anyone on my list has a gametag. Please add mine, Kinkokoro. I look forward to communing with you all in the world of Live-next generation gameplay.