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Well, I suppose it is about time for another journal entry.

I suppose I can journal about this!

We were just informed that I work at The Best Place To Work At In America!

Wow, that is quite an honor. We were 4th last year, and I thought this was insane. They gave us a nice BBQ, a bag of goodies, around $100 in gift certificates, and two extra paid days around the 4th, which will make for a five day weekend. Excellent! We are throwing an official night party sometime in July. Should be fun.

For those that don't know, and most don't, I work at Genencor Int. We are the leader in biotechnology manufacturing in the world. I am terrible at explaining what we do, because I tend to go into too much detail. Here, I'll just show you the link.


And here is the press release for the award...http://www.genencor.com/wt/gcor/pr_1119289841

Now, how should I spend my money:twisted:


Well, turns out that last option for our reception is going out the window. The place isn't that great, and is waaay to expensive. $1000 deposit, and they said IF the bill is lower they will refund us. The ball room alone is $800, and they don't allow outside caterers, and I already have one lined up that is hooking me up.

I'm fresh out of ideas. Our last option seems to be a state park that has large cabins. I hope this works out, or I don't know what we will do!

I really hope we don't have to put it off to next year. Maybe we can skip the reception and jump straight to the honeymoon:P

Turns out I'm getting married on October 1!!!

Wow, we picked that out in about 10 seconds. Should be a nice easy day to remember!

And Exactly one week before I turn the big two three.

The day isn't official yet. Still have to finalize it with the pastor, and find a reception hall that is open. But if all goes well, my life will change, for the better, on the first of October!

Forums Getting Old?

Well, I've started getting a little bored with the forums lately, so I may start getting into reading and posting in these journals. There is a lot of work to do, but it is hard to concentrate, and I'm soooo tired.

I stayed up waaaaaay to late last night playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow with Vash, Bloodcurse, Dethbunny, and Hooker. It was my first time with this game, and I had a blast. Teamwork and communication is so important, and it is just one of those games where you are on the edge of the seat the whole time! Loads of fun!

On a side note, Crystal, my fiancee, thinks she is going to become head manager of here store. Which means lots more money and more games! But I'm happy for her, she works harder than anybody I know. She will find out for sure on Thursday. Right after her meeting with her boss, we have a meeting with our pastor to set our wedding day *gulp*.

Man, so much is happening lately so quick!