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PS3 dead.....!?

Ok I think my PS3 is in trouble. My buddy was playing and all of a sudden the system shut down, the red light was flashing. I try restarting again....makes the fake of turning on and goes back to the blinking red light. Now it doesnt work....my game disc is still inside too...and I cant get it out. I checked the FAQ and it says leave the system unused until it cools down. I disconnected the power cord and shut the main power switch for a couple of hours....and still not working. Anyone else got this problem? Do I have no choice but to send it back to Sony?

EDIT: Oh and guys I found out there wre a few power outages in my house these last days while my PS3 was running so most likely one of those killed it :S:(

Merry Christmas

Yeah I know its a bit too late but merry chistmas to you all and may you have happy holidays :)

EDIT: Nevermind I found it :)


Holy $h!t!!!!!!!!! I just got Call of Duty 4......and DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!! The game is FREAKING AMAZING!!!! I swear my hands were sweating and I was tense....wow. Talk about a lot of onscreen action. This game has me pumped!!!!!

So university begins *UPDATE*

Well today I finally started my first year in the university. Its one of the, if not the, best universities in Puerto Rico and thats really good to me. I feel like taking on the challenge, I feel I cant beat that challenge. I'm studying to become a future doctor in chemical engineer and so my path has just begun. My first class today was at 7:30 till 8:20 and my next is at 11:30 so I got time to come here for a while.

UPDATE: Damn, 6th day here and work is starting to pile up, big time. Oh and I found out that I got an exam scheduled for my birthday, and to make it better, its at 7PM, what a present eh? Damn that precalculus course :P For monday i got to memorize a bunch of elements and ions and their respective symbols and charges (guess for what class...) and I'm almost done with those. Tomorrow I'll get my first taste on quizzes cuz I have one of the course ethics for professional engineering which is also a secured first good grade of the many to come :)

I think I'm missing an emblem

Well on tuesday I watched the Microsoft E3 press conference, but I didnt get the emblem. Well, I tried too, I could hear but I couldnt see, buffering was a real damn problem with me. But the same happened to me with Sony's and I still got the emblem though I could actually see what they were showing just for a few seconds before it started buffering again. I couldnt watch Nintendo's because I wasnt awake at the time :P

E3 is here

*suspense in the background*

E3 is here. The hype is building, teh internetz is teh overloading on the verge of oblivion. Gamers everywhere are already pulling their hairs about what surprises E3 will bring. Will Killzone 2 match the trailer? Will MGS 4 come to 360? Will the SHOCKAXIS be announced? Will a new and promising be announced? These and many more are the questions everybody is asking and soon begins the time to answer them all...in one show...in one big show...in one huge show...in the grandest stage of them all...one show full of surprises...in such a show all is possible (not literally speaking)...in a show as unpredictable as this one...many will faint...many will fall off their seats...yes its here. Its finally upon us. Its time has finally come. The internet will collapse. Virtual Armaggedon is to begin soon. Get ready. Hold to your seats...hold tightly...hold very tightly...for you may be surprised for what this show is about bring. The show among shows, yes THE show is here. A storm is coming. Get ready for..........


A monitor problem??

I think I have a problem with my monitor. I had the option to have a Digital or Analog display. With Analog display I could play my games. But recently, I noticed that I no longer have the Analog display, only the Digital. And when I try for example to play the World in Conflict Beta, it enters the full screen mode but then almost instantly it takes me out back to my desktop view. Same with all my games. Whats wrong?

OK I think its finally time to upgrade to DX10

Ok, I think I finally convinced my dad to help me get more hardware power.  You see I got Medieval II Total War and it couldn't run with a steady framerate...even in lowest settings...so yeah my new PC isnt as tough as I thought.  My dad noticed it, and then I told him that I need a better graphics card.  I was thinking of getting the geforce 7900 gts but I thought I just upgrade now to DX10 instead of spending a few bucks on a 7900 now and then a few more on a DX 10 card.  What do you guys recommend me, upgrade to DX 10 now, or later?


Btw I take it I need Vista tu run DX10 stuff but I'll be getting it soon anyways

Damn, FEAR is damn creepy

Yesterday I got FEAR for the PS3.  The game looks and runs well fine, but damn its scary.  Anyone else hate that rotten lil girl? I am playing in the dark and she scares the sh!t out of me :P

Yo whats with this?

Ok I was just playing Resistance online and then this dude joined the game and all of a sudden he started making explicit racist comments towards some guy in the game and I was like wtf? At first I thought he was just bluffing around but then I knew he was serious.  He said that black people arent even people and other stupid things.  Now where can I report this guy? I heard I could in www.us.playstation.com but I dont know where exactly