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I didn't get GTAV today

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I just thought I would be different as it seems like almost everyone else is in Los Santos robbing banks, playing golf or engaging in the customary pre-bedtime killing spree. Personally I am finding it very hard to get enthusiastic about GTAV and that is troubling me a little bit. Why aren't I rushing out to get the latest Best Game of the Generation? Is there something wrong with me? I played GTAIV and loved it but the fifth instalment is not tempting me at the moment. I will get to it at some point I am sure.

Fear not though as I am still getting my criminal kicks in the comfortably average swag bag of Payday 2. It's certainly not the best game in my library and it desperately needs some DLC (apparently there are 5 packs planned) but it's a fun way to kill an hour or so. Initially the game seems just like a fancy police-based Horde mode set in a bank or jewellery shop where you have to wait for a drill to finish but at later levels there is some pretty decent upgrades that can really change things. I saw one guy with a huge buzzsaw that sliced open safety deposit boxes and ATMs in no time and in another game we robbed a jewellery store without alerting the cops at all. I have always wanted a great heist game but am happy to settle for an OK one.

Payday 2

Payday developers may have been inspired by The Dark Knight just a little

I have had a bit of a gaming revelation recently. Not for video gaming but for board gaming. I am becoming slightly obsessive about board games and have ordered two in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play them with at the moment apart from my wife and infant son. While the former is quite happy to turn the TV off I am guessing the latter would struggle to understand the finer points of trading in Jaipur or farm management in Agricola although I haven't directly asked him. My workmates would probably laugh in my face if I suggested a round of Pandemic over lunch but at the university I work at there has been a table-top gaming society in the past so hopefully this will start up again now the new term has started. I will have to go undercover as a student like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed which is a film I absolutely have never seen. Honest.