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Gaming Highlight of the Week

Has anyone played Bowser's Inside Story for the DS? Well here's a minor spoiler: Bowser poops out Princess Peach. It's amazing. She is extracted from his exposed underside after he eats too many Danish pastries and the best thing is that nobody bats an eyelid. There is just a flash of light and she is out. Incredible. Game of the Year. Kate may have given birth to a baby prince but Bowser crapped out a fully grown royal without breaking a sweat.

Thankfully Bowser's Inside Story is not entirely about dropping regal kids off at the pool and is in fact the last DS entry in the excellent Mario & Luigi series. I would never have though that a Mario RPG would make sense but it really does. RPG staples like levelling up and equipping items are scaled right back to focus on a charming story with charming visuals and charming characters. It's basically very charming. It has even charmed me into liking turned based battles. And giant lizards pinching out a royal loaf of course. Speechless.