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Canada are at it again

They may have an excellent healthcare system (which would explain their amazing resistance to genocidal viruses) but it seems in the event of an alien invasion the Canadians might not be so helpful. Currently with a 4/5 panic rating it looks like they are starting to get more than a little bit worried about the effectiveness of the international survival project which I have control over. Luckily I have a satellite I can put above Canadian airspace but it will be at the mercy of UFO attacks until I can get some decent fighters in the air. Unfortunately they will have to wait until payday which is some time away. And Canada are writing the cheques. It's a vicious cycle.

For those that haven't guessed already I have mostly been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown and all the base management stuff has caught me by surprise. I was under the impression that it was mostly turn-based missions with a dusting of RPG elements but I was wrong. Ensuring that you have enough money to launch satellites is absolutely crucial in keeping countries (and their donations) in the game. After a little bit of research I have been disappointed to learn that like almost all RPGs there is a 'best' build which, through inexperience, I haven't followed. This puts me off a lot of RPGs that claim variety but favour creating a tank and then blitzing through the opposition.


The truth is out there

Thankfully I don't think it will hinder me getting to the end of the game and as the basic battle structure is so incredibly compulsive it might not matter even if it did. I love the small squad approach to what is essentially a board game and Firaxis have somehow managed to blend tabletop mechanics with clean videogame presentation to create something that, like a cyberdisc, is greater than the sum of its parts. Caution is probably the single most important characteristic you can have as if you dont advance slowly and methodically then you will uncover several groups of enemies that can flank and overwhelm you in no time. It's great to plan your move so that a wave of enemies run into patient soldiers all on Overwatch. Luck does play an important part in the game and it can be maddening when that little sectoid manages to evade three shots in a row but generally if you have played conservatively enough the odds will be in your favour come the next round.

So go get it. Fight the future.