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Action / Adventure / RPGs I tend to have a biased favoritism for. PistolGripPump
Dragon Age Origins and Demon's Soul (hard as hell, but really good)

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I had my 60-Gig since March 2007 with out any problems. I still play some of my older PS2 games, so its really nice to have that built in PS2 hardware.

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You can pay Gamespot to review a game (one you like but everyone hates) for you :)
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lol look at all the bad reviews on Amazon.com; go get em!!!
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Being a long long time forum member who hasn't visited the forums for quite some time but visits the main GS site everyday. It truly is sad to see one of the best if not best reviewers get fired. Now this begs the question, did GS really want to change the way they reviewed games? Like the scale being changed? I wouldn't be surprised since the new scale is more catered towards casual people, since the general (casual people) didn't understand the old scale.

It's a shame because my opinion will never change after what has happened. I loved this site to death, I met many many awesome people from this site, it's sad that it really has to end like this.

Well said chron1c, well said! F you GS!!!
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this is the Internet. people only come here to complain.gundamfan80
This man speaks the truth!
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So the headset should have the blue light just on, not have it pulsate and then shut off?

Whenever the headset is in "use", the light will turn on or pulsate.
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Just make sure you dont try using the card a lot in a single day (after it says credit card invalid), the credit card company might think someone else is using the card or something like that.
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I think it takes several tries, took my PS3 a while to "locate" it.
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Did you reset the router and reconnect your PS3? I was having similar trouble with Resistance, and I restarted my router (a Linksys), worked like a charm afterwards.
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