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My Best of the Year Awards.

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Here is my list of the best of the best of 2012.

Best Sound:

Far Cry 3

Best Multiplayer:

Halo 4

Best Graphics:

Halo 4

Best Gameplay:


Best Story:

Hitman: Absolution

Best Character/Villian:

Vaas-Far Cry 3

Best Character/Hero:

Max Payne-Max Payne 3

Game of the Year:

Borderlands 2

E3 Excitement!

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I want to know what game you are looking foward to the most for E3, either announced titles, or titles you would like see announced.:D


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So what did all of you cool gamers get this holiday season, I myself got some drumming equipment, please leave a comment below.:D

Hardest Veteran mission.

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After playing Call of Duty Black Ops on Veteran I have come to a conclusion, I believe Executive Order is the hardest level on Veteran, what was your hardest mission on Veteran on any COD game Black Ops or previous.

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