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my encounter with a kid in comp class

in my computer class, a w!gger sat by me today and he got pissed at me for some idiotic reason and said he was gonna turn off my computer and i was just playing in paint so i was like, "I dont care" and he was reachin for the power button and i didnt even blink or move cuz i didnt care and he was like.....see...your scared. and I was like whatever dude. then he started cussin me out sayin he was gonna woop my ass and i was like then do it, i would like to see you try(he was a kinda short guy) and he was like "i will" and i was like fine, do it. and he was like fine, and i stand up, and he was like i'll woop your b!tch ass. and it continued in that fasion then the teacher walked near us and the kid said "mr price you need to move me away from this kid, hes cussin at me and stuff", and him, being the smart man he is, knew he was lying and said "tell me exactly what he was doing" and he was like..."uh...I dunno...he was like lookin at me funny" and the teacher said "how did you look at him" and i was like, "i wasnt" then the kid said, "he was lookin at me like he is better than me or somethin" then the teacher said, well if you get angry over stuff like that then you may need some help. and the kid said, "well maybe i do need some help!" and thats about it


After the information of people thinking highly less of me, I have decided to quit the GS forums. its been fun


My net is down on my comp so right now I am on my dads...This sucks aaaanus.

I went to my friends house last night and we were trying to set up a Halo party, but couldnt find anyone so we just linked our XBOX's together and played each other. I beat him bad each time. He is pretty good though.

I am bored

I really am <_< I need something to do... I am about to get a new mouthpiece for my trumpet. I have been playing with a beginners trumpet for 4 years. So I am getting a bigger one.