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Cave story is coming to the Wii!

Official Site Loved the PC version, definitely going to buy this. I always wanted Pixel to put up a damn donation box somewhere... but I guess this works. >_> [size=10]Sorry if you saw this blog post already, I hit thirty tags and apparently that's what you need for the first tagger emblem. I deleted the old one and made it again to try and kill that ugly thing. xd Edit: Success! That ugly tagger emblem is gone now. xd[/size]

The World Warrior

In my time spent goofing around on the internet, I come across some pretty nifty stuff. Some of it is just neat, some is awesome. The World Warrior This song is an example of the latter. Not only is every voice done by the same person, (even Chun-Li) the music itself is made entirely from sounds effects taken from Street Fighter II. It's nerdy, it sounds good, and I totally love it.