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Your Forum Search appears to not be working right, because whenever I try to search a board or thread title, I get this screen:

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From about 4:30 - 5:30 pm CST today, the forums, for me, would take about 20x longer to load up.  In some cases, Firefox gave me an error saying I wasn't connected to the internet, but I was loading pages from other websites fine at the exact same time.

Also, there seem to be some bugs or glitches in the Forum Search.  Most of the time when I press search from the community main page, the results page always shows up with no results or a "No results found" message.  It just gives me a blank user input text box and have the Board Title button selected, like I haven't even tried a search yet.  Sometimes while I'm in that page and I do a search, the page loads up just the way before.  It takes me about 3-4 tries to get a search down.