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CheeseEaters MW2 Multi-Player impressions.. (After many hours)

Well....it is all about first impressions, and atm, I gota say they are good.

Started off with the single player mission...very disapointed that it gave you a side scrolling film reel to choose what you wanted to do (not much to set a mood). But once the single player missions hit off, was actually quite enjoyable, felt just like cod 4 (minus the left and right lean...which is good and bad) and it gave you a fair few new toys and mods of the old toys to play with.

Missions also mixed it up a fair ammount, the story line is a little more loose than the last, but still well put together, giving you all the fun of shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, loosing all your weapons to run onto a chopper while being shot but hundreds of guys, trying to identify civilians to the enemy, and more.

Something i did enjoy was the way you could shoot people in the leg and then they would crawl for safety (generally for no other point than to live). And yes...I played the airport mission, which was a bit weird doing, but it does help to make the game actually mean something....until i started finding so much fun shooting baggage...is awesome how the clothes go flying

OK....this leads me to multiplayer......

After playing the single player missions for a few hours, I thought it would be wise to see just how disapointed I was going to be with multiplayer. The first time i tried to load in, I got the message "server disconnected"......everything deserves a second chance I thought..... Loaded into a second game...this time I had a small wait in a lobby as host after host dropped from the room and it took a while to get a host that would stay, and then we started.

Now....I don't know about you but the leveling up system in COD was very overrated...I always just enjoyed playing Pro-mod with the set abilities to keep it all fair and even. YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK SnD!!!!!! Basically you are forced to start playing TDM or DM or some other crap....NOT HAPPY JAN!!!.....in the end it was a quick way to level up and when you come out of a pub match with 30 kills for 1 death you seem to get a fair few awards for doing so

Now...you might have noticed I said lobby. Yes, with the new COD system you find yourself in a lobby full of players waiting for a match to start (either pub lobby or the private lobby, and of course can't use the private yet and no one i know owns the game yet). Now this isn't actually a bad system (yes i said it), the only thing that is lacking is a chat box for the players to communicate with eachother, as in my opinion, using this new server system does reduce the communication between players, which does help cut the smack talk down, but it also means I feel like a stranger in a war (the lack of a warm dedicated server me thinks).

Another thing which is going to make compeditive games almost impossible is the lack of a lobby list. Now generally with HoN or DOTA (which runs of SIMILAR - not the same systems) you can make a title of your game, so people know who is hosting, and what you are hosting. In MW2 you have to connect to people directly....aka if a Clan A wanted to vs CLAN B they would need to have the captain of CLAN A on the Captain of CLAN B's steam friend list, as that is the only way you can connect to a game, through invite for a private game (which is just the invite system on steam). Making either massive friends lists to get compeditive games up and running, or IW pulling a patch out of their arse to change this to be user friends, and not just pub friendly.

A quick word about the maps you get to play....alot of them are pretty cool, close combat with the option for range, and most could be played in a compeditive scene (the ones i played at least)...and I was also please to see when i loaded into one of the maps that it is almost a direct copy of Brecourt (if you don't know what that is....then you probably should not be posting a responce).

All in all...game is very well built, plays nicely, developers have done a good job, and IW can shove their servers up their arse and fix it so we can use it for competitive play.

And a after thought: Yes...not being able to modify your own settings is a pain in the arse, and I want that power back, the game is still playable without it tho, just depends how far you want to expand your comfort zone.....on the bright side, if there is ever a compeditive game of this at LAN it wont takes weeks for players to setup their configs

Crashout 3 Intervention

First I was angry, then I was sad, then I saw the light. You see, Fallout 3's incessant crashes aren't a mistake. They're an intervention to break me from my post-apocalyptic scavenging addiction. I kept on fast-traveling back and forth from locations all over the map, selling things that didn't really belong to me and making insane money ("feh, this power armor isn't in my favorite color. You can have it!"). Then something broke deep within the bowels of the game -- I swear it has something to do with Dogmeat as it started to happen when the mutt suddenly disappeared in the middle of a battle -- and ever since that fateful moment the game crashed every time I fast-travelled.

My solution? More exercise; more walking. The challenge level went up a bit as I didn't lightspeed back to a bed somewhere when the going got tough. I also was a bit more careful about the size of enemies I took on. I was working around the rules of the bug and adapting to the game's unfortunate crash system. Alas, then the crash AI evolved. Now Fallout 3 crashes when I get close to Vault 101... and a few other locations North and West of Megaton. Even on foot! My immediate thought: only a horse can save me now. Sadly, neither horse nor horse armor seem to have survived the end of the World. So here I am. Stuck in a wasteland filled with nasty monsters, radioactive lakes, and an invisible crash curtain that could strike at any time.

As I was working out the new rules of the game and charting an invisible no-go-crash-zone, it struck me. I have other games.


If someone told you videogames aren't addictive, you have my permission to scoff loudly. Not only did I want to play Fallout 3 at the expense of the rest of my game catalog, I actually started to tolerate its negative effects. Well, no more. Until Bethesda releases a patch to fix this nonsense, it's time for some World at War, Gears 2, and Left 4 Dead again.

Although, perhaps there's a way to spot the crashes coming from afar. A twitch in a texture or flicker in the sky texture... Hmmm. Let me go check that out.

Random Stuff that is Cool

Been meaning to update my blog more and pledge to do so in the coming days and weeks. Got a few minutes to spare and thought I'd quickly post some random links that I find fascinating.

Mystery Glow in Ocean

Sweet. The ocean apparently glows white across segments the size of Connecticut. But only sometimes. And scientists don't really know why. That's not disturbing in the least!

Ultrasound Adds Haptic Feedback to Games
Wii killer? Probably not for a decade, but holy hell, there's a lot of promise here. Imagine gripping your hands around thin air and feeling positional feedback. Weird and awesome. We'll probably all die of cancer, but the games will be surreal.

Combined, these happenings are almost as cool as Zed from Zardoz.

Addendum: After I linked this picture of Sean Connery as Zed, I was struck again at what an amazing costume he donned for that role. I mean, really? I get it. It was 1974. Lots of the old nose powder going 'round, if you know what I mean. Wouldn't even be surprised if the cast broke every two hours for orgies. But, seriously? Look at that effin' outfit! He's the star of the movie, for crying out loud.

According to IMDB, Zardoz's "wardrobe master" was a fellow named Jack Gallagher, whose previous credits included such acclaimed films as The Viking Queen and Steptoe and Son Ride Again. I don't care what Mr. Gallagher may have worked on. He could've come from the gutters. All that matters is that he somehow got Sean Connery to wear that spectacular costume for one hour and forty-five minutes of pure, sexy, masculinity-filled heroism. I can just picture the unveiling of that beauty.

Gallagher: "Here she is, Mr. Connery. Right. So, now -- well, if you wouldn't mind shaving your groin region, we'll get you fitted right in there."

Connery: "Well, I have to say, it's a little unorthodox. I've just finished shooting Diamonds are Forever and You Only Live Twice, where I played James Freakin' Bond. But if you say that these leather hooker boots and orange diaper do the trick, who am I to disagree? This is a very bold, new future indeed. My hat is off to you, wardrobe master."

And then there were jumping high-fives.

And if you don't think that costume is sexy, feast your eyes on a few choice excerpts from the movie:

Zardoz: The gun is good.
Exterminators: The gun is good.
Zardoz: The peniz is evil. The pen!z shoots seeds, and makes new life, and poisons the earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the gun shoots death, and purifies the earth of the filth of brutals. Go forth and kill!

And here's another:

The Tabernacle: You have penetrated me.
The Tabernacle: You are inside me.

Rent this movie.

Oh, and on a side note, I once again (like every other blog post, made a new sig! :P ) 8)

Cheers guys, have a good one.

=D *Smiles*


Fantastic new TF2 Signature I just made for myself.

Took me ages to get the correct Print Screen of the Sniper..:P Well worth it in the end though.

Oh...and on a side note, I managed to get demoted back to level 27. How fantastic is that! :D When GameSpot glitch's on you, leaving you with no text in your post, some little nub comes along and reports you. Thus, you get a serious warning and a loss of points. :lol: GlitchSpot...you've pretty much lost all my repect. No offence, but I truly do have to get this off my chest, because I've been on this site for so long, and seen it's numerous changes over the years...

In recent times, GameSpot has managed to screw up so many times. From selling there once respectable reviews to the money that Publishers are willing to spend on there games to get them above average scores (Cough, Kane and Linch, and most recently, Mercs 2, cough). Sacking Editors over fair judgement of Games, cough, Jeff, cough. Have managed to stuff up the coding of there website, to the point where every second post of mine appears as a blank message :twisted:. And have obliterated the online community this site once had.

Gamespot, I first came on here this incredible website back in 2003...with good ol' Greg K and Alex N. It's 2008...and as a fan of this website...I'm sad to say that it really, really, has gone down hill terribly...:(

I hope the future holds much better results than the present...

(Once again, I was forced by GameSpot to copy my entire blog, and re-post it when I got the message saying that my "post was blank" :lol: :twisted:)

I'm level 28!

I finally made it to level 28 :D, Bionic Commando. Pretty funny I think when you tie in the fact that Bionic Commando Rearmed just got released on the consoles and PC (a fantastic game btw).

Well, hope your all enjoying the new GameSpot WIDE, I think it's bit of alright.

CheeseEater, signing out!

Developers Comment on Conduit

It's sweet and all, but I can't help but think there's a layer of hostility in there somewhere...

(Here's a link so you can actually read it, silly Gamespot *rolls eyes*)

On a second note, I'm currently playing Anno 1701. I series in which I have just enearthed and am truely pleased with. I highly recommened that anyone with a decent computer (even 4/5 years old) check's out Anno 1701 on the PC. A deeply engrossing experience :).

Until next time all, see you on the boards (if you still visit GS anymore :cry:), CheeseEater.