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The GWD Slammys

Do your part and vote in this year's GWD Slammys.

And while you're at it, check out more of my reviews for stuff on Call of Duty, Mirror's Edge, Mortal Kombat vs DC, the good Castlevania game, Guitar Hero, Far Cry 2, Saint's Row 2 and more.

Reviewing games again

So for the past couple months, I've opted to start typing up really, really long game reviews again, and I'm slowly gonna bring them to GS. Go check on my "contributions" button, or to my blog to see the whole thing.

Smackdown, Spiderman, Bond, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter, Call of Duty later on in the day...soon a ton more.

The update on Canuck

    I think I've adopted the Bret Hart syndrome where my favorite subject is myself, so I'm gonna see how blogging on GS treats me for the time being. Here's the update since I made that bigass GWD Slammy thread.

Back in school for another semester in a program that probably won't net me any sort of job or money but I get kickass grades in anyways.

That stuff I was going on about starting a relationship with someone, didn't work out at all. Actually isn't so bad, in retrospect I dodged a bullet, and I got something else working out right now so it all worked out pretty good. But you didn't come here to hear me talk about relationships, you came to hear me talk about WRESTLING!

Monty Brown, under any other name, is still awesome.

Batista vs Undertaker :|

Raw was actually pretty entertaining last night. The shows tend to pick up around this time so it's not a bad time to start watching again.

Gonna see if I can't get some form of work with the local promotion. Can't wrestle, but anything from video editing to commentary (I'm of the belief that every indy commentator sucks) will do. Course this is gonna involve some promotional work on my behalf.

Blood, Sweat and Ears, Febuary 25 at the Westwood Arena in Etobicoke, Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels plus all the top indy workers in Ontario and some dude named Dancing Pete.

So help me god, I will do one more GWE promo.

Anyone that I remember that wants someone to talk wrestling with can add me to your MSN, my thing's canuck_eh_basic@hotmail.com.  I tend to watch all the major shows when I can. Otherwise, I'm off til the next time.

Rest in Peace Scott Bigalow.

As Finlay embarked on his quest to stop the vile Spirit Squad...

He crossed the bridge of North Deathsville where the troll lurked.

"My name is Finlay, and I love to fight" said the Irishman.

"Aye, well I can't let ya past. Not for you, not for anyone. Not unless you answer my riddle." Said Ricky Williams. "Answering the riddle will break the magic curse of my suspension."

"I don't answer riddles. I fight." Responded Finlay. He drew is Magic Shillelagh and slayed the vile Ricky Williams where he stood.

"Thanks bro" said Ricky Williams, "thanks for putting me out of my misery of having to go to Canada", with his dying breath. Finlay continued his journey to North Deathsville...