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A new sig:)

Here's a new sig made by mad_Capsule:D

I'va added it to my random images.... What are you thoughts??

Since everyone has a christmas titled entry....

I've decided to be a bit different.
Christams always raises the issue with me about my religion,
I am in all sense athiest....Which is really hard to identify as an outsider:?
But I ask of any persons reading this, What religion do you follow? Do you believe that you are christian enough
to believ in something so holy and sacred to the tradition of christianity??

IT would seem that a board that i have been known to visit, has disappeared

It would seme that a board that i once took the time to visit and converse with it's members has disappeared :o
Anyone know why this crime has been committed:cry:

To Colt, Dz1gns, Cooksters, Jmar, Gamefan, Extracrispy, D_andC, -BC-, amethyst rush and AR, and anyone else that i have intended not to or fogot to post, I'm sorry but your name doesn't appear in my head...I heart you all...and hope that one day a new board will be forged with all my fellow friends:(
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