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Metroid prime 2 anyone???

I started this amazing game again and i have immersed myself within it's 1337ness..

In light of this i have made a new sig to commemorate it's awesomeness

To my friends .....

None who know me here know that i have found myself at a standstill.
An edge without fall or end......
My time at GS has shaped me as i spent my time browsing and making friends...However it seems that there was nothing
that i could do to stop myself from being persecuted...

And so i stand at a crossroad, defined as a point where lives take a different course to alter their lives based upon a decision they have to make....
Meh.....Without my account I've lost my heart for GS, and it seems like thats a part of me that i cannot spend without....
My identitiy has been stripped from me and my friends lost to my problem,

So here i stand- faced with leaving GS or staying as a nobody devoid of any friends as to avoid another happening.
I'll make my decision dependant on whether or not my profile gets reinstated