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Lately i've had a lot of school work  to deal with plus this stupid MCAS Massachusetts has to deal with.i think i'm going to step down from the job world:P i need to concentrate on school more.started spring soccer so that will be fun.i'm on vacation right now so i'll be on this whole week.made some more gfx to show

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Pretty Busy Lately

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Lately i've been getting a lot of work from school and i need to bring my grades up a notch on top of that.please excuse my absense:(

My New Wii and Zelda TP

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finally i got my wii and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on wedsday and bought TP the same day.i got it at walmart in the morning and i love it.wii sports is a crap load of fun and TP is just fully truned out to be better than GS nephew is not allowed to play this system:|