A let down to the series but not to bad in itself.

When i purchased this game i was hoping for a game to continue the excelence of the previous titles in its series but i was let down. The story i might say is fantastic there are no let downs here, when i went through the first level i was impressed all seemed to be running smoothly until i reached the second mission. Here the frame rate went seriously haywire and the controls just stopped moving, this may be because it was a hectick level but this stills hould not have happened. But the controls in general work well, except the odd mission where your driving where your have a steering wheel effect motion that does not work fully to what you wish it to. The graphics on the new call of duty are not a great step up from the gamecube versions in my view even though you can see some good details like for example aircraft battling in the background, in general there seems not to much of a improvement but that is not saying it is bad as they were quite good in the first place.

The thing that i was most impressed by was the sound as you can hear every bullet wizz past you and it gives you a real feeling like your in the action.

To sum up, it recreates the battles well with a absorbing story and tremendous sound but it is let down by the oocasional sloppy frame rate and control jitters.