PES2013 can look FIFA straight in the eyes again!

User Rating: 8 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PS3
My view on sports games is that there should be no die hard fans of any game. I used to play PES in PS2, then in PS3 i switched to FIFA09 because I felt that Konami started losing the "flame" of creating a solid game and paid attention to useless stuff instead of evolving the gameplay.rnrnNow, I have not played FIFA13, but it's more than obvious from the videos and reviews that in its heart it is 95% last years game, so I can make some comparisons. I really don't care about online features, servers, EAFC etc, so all I'm reviewing is the single player modes.rnrnPES2013 is not the arcade game it used to be in previous years. In my eyes, it is more of a simulation than FIFA, because random things happen like in real life, whereas in FIFA 12, I could literally score the same goals over and over again, using finesse shots. The ball moves realistically in the pitch even if this means less control over it.rnrnDribling in PES is way better than in FIFA. It feels more realistic when you make a good dribble, it's more satisfying. Sadly enough, you will realise that referees whistle only for the obvious fouls and not for charges etc and that sometimes ruins your efforts. rnrnAfter spending so many hours, I still find FIFA's shooting mechanics better. At the moment PES still seems kinda hard to get used to and I waste many chances... rnrnThe player animations are sometimes good and sometimes bad, which is also FIFA's case. But the GKs' animations are bad and need a complete revision next year...rnrnThe presentation of the game is still just decent, as is the music. But the Champions League and Copa Libertadores modes have great music and great visuals...rnrnThe graphics seem fine from long range, I like the more than FIFA's ones. But in replays and celebration's they lose out to the competition. The crowd is also worse than FIFA, but the stadiums look great. rnrnThe licensing problems are still here. You will find Eredivise, Ligue 1 and LIGA BBVA full licensed, Serie a, Brasileirao and Liga ZON Sagres have licensed teams but the leagues are not and there are about 30 licensed European teams. From the english teams only Man U is licensed, and some European nations as well. I suppose that there will be some patches soon about this and about the early summer rosters.rnrnPES2013 is a very satisfying games. From the ten things that happen on the pitch, at least the seven are positive and two or three will keep you wondering "why", as many of them seem easy to correct...rnrnI think that the gap between FIFA and PES has decreased this year, for some it may not exist any more. In any case, it is clearly a matter of choice...rnrnPES is back...

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