Good gameplay, terrible online

User Rating: 6.5 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 X360
I'm a big pro evo fan but each year konami f***s up the online, it's as laggy as ever. You like one touch passing and first time shots and passes, not going to happen online. It might seem to be playing smoothly but there is definite lag between pressing the pass button and your players power meter appearing. Got disconnected from the server 4 games in a row before the match has started while picking my team, I end up with 4 3-0 losses. Lovely.

And if you like master league I hope you like looking at an auto save that you can't turn off, I think I spent more time looking the auto save screen than I did playing matches. Master league is just sooooooo slow.

Referee still gets lots of decisions wrong, adds to the frustration.

The gameplay is very good but with master league and online being so sh*t it's hard to appreciate.

Anyway I'm going to leave it at that