keeper animations/reactions

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looks to become an excellent game so far BUT for the love of gawd, what's with the belly drop and double knee saves???

seriously, there is no (and i mean not one single) professional keeper that i know of who dives with a belly drop, and in such an unmotivated way - *cough* bag of potatoes *cough* - at least have them jump slighty and then do a little roll or a small slide on their side like they do in real life DUE TO PHYSICAL LAWS!

and then there's the (what i like to call) "ice-hockey butterfly" save  - again, not only strange behaviour but totally unrealistic for a football keeper. let me elaborate briefly: the purpose of a football keeper's position and movement is to lessen the shooting angle. hence, if a keeper is at an especially short distance to a shooting attacker, e.g. 1on1, he stretches every possible limb and thus improves the chances of at least a lucky save (not to mention that a keeper usually stays on his feet for as long as he can to stay mobile and agile). what a football keeper certainly doesn't do is to drop to his knees, sitting on his legs as if excessively closing his five hole and keep his hands almost glued to the pitch (=> the "ice-hockey butterfly"), if you know which particular animation i mean...

oh, and since we're dealing with football not ice-hockey: foot saves for shots from outside the box?? seriously...?

these particular keeper animations concerned me ever since they were introduced in PES around 2010/2011 and for some unknown reason they still exist. PES does everything to be as realistic as possible (and kudos they have achieved near perfection lately) but why on earth such unrealistic keeper animations and reactions? and it brings tears to my eyes that they had it quite right in earlier PES versions already...


apologies, i guess i'm just a goalkeeper nerd PES fan blabbing about issues that you guys probably couldn't care less - sorry for that



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UPDATE: wow, just checked out demo 2 and they really DID improve on the keeper animations and reactions! demo 1 probably still had the "old" bad keeper animations from 2010-2012. so i hereby withdraw my criticism (at least to a large extent) and i'm looking forward to an excellent game for every field position ;) go PES!!!