a fiun game at the begining but as you continue the game gets lame!

Introduction: Diablo 2, probably one of the most successful games ever created. Made by Blizzard, D2 is the sequel to the popular game Diablo, in which your character goes after Diablo in an attempt to destroy him, but in the end gets taken over by him or something, which opens the doors for D2.

Gameplay: D2 is a fairly simple game to play, almost 99% of its gameplay consisting of just point and click. You start off in a small camp, and from there, set out to destroy evil in all its forms, from small evil lords in the area, to the 3 Prime Evils themselves, Mephisto, Diablo ( yes for real this time ) and Baal. After completing one Act ( which consists of mainly 6 major missions and new places ), you move on to the next one. Thru the game, by killing monsters and opening chests and crates, you can gather gold ( which you can use to purchase weapons/armor/etc ), and weapons and armor themselves. Almost all weapons and armor have the ability to be upgraded with jewels and gemstones that also fall from monsters. Once added to the weapons, it gives them additional properties ( I.E. Fire for Ruby's, poisons for Emeralds, etc. ). As you fight, you gain experence, which makes your character level up. When you level, your given a number of status points to put into a number of attributes, which will raise your HP, Mana, atk power, etc. Also, you can add a new skill point into a number of unique skills that your class of character has. For example, Necromancers have skills to raise the skelletons of the dead monsters you've killed, and have them work for you, and Druids have the power to summon Spirt Wolves and transform himself into a Werewolf, all to the cause of destroying the Prime Evils and freeing the world.

Story: The story is fairly simple, yet entertaining. Diablo lives, and it is up to you as the main character, to hunt him down, along with his 2 brothers Mephisto and Baal, and destroy them before they take over the world with there evil.

Graphics and Sound: The graphics of the game are fairly good for an overhead game. When you put on new armor or use a new weapon, your characters sprite changes to reflect the new item, which is awesome as it add's a nice air of personality to your characters. You'll be hard pressed to find 2 people who have identical looking characters. Sound, the sound is good, it can be annoying at times, but overall id give the sound a 6/10.

Replayability: This game is replayable. After completing the game, you unlock the ability to play on a harder level ( luckily with the same character ). There are 3 levels total, so there is much room for replaying.

Final Recommendation: Overall, i give D2 a score of 7.2/10. Its a good game with a nice storyline, and is presented fairly well. The gameplay is easy, only taking a few minutes to really learn, and can be highly addictive. ( Game rated with Lord of Destruction expansion pack )