A pathetic try to cash in on the show's success.

User Rating: 2 | Prison Break: The Conspiracy X360
First of all, I'm a die hard fan of the series. I own boxsets of every season and I have watched the first one at least 4 times. And I still despise this game.

This game relies mostly on stealth. Pity it's more broken than Owen Wilson's nose. You can advance further only using the "try-fail-try again" method. Sometimes the guards are completely retarded, not seeing you when your head and shoulders are fully visible behind the cover, but sometimes you have to replay the same part 20 times because a guard has suddenly grown eyes at the back of his head.

The game is painfully predictable. "Oh, there's a closet, I bet a guard will come soon and I'll have to hide there. There he comes, what a surprise." "I have to go through those doors and there's a guard sleeping nearby, I'll probably have to pick the lock and not wake him." And you're right EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

There's no variety in the gameplay whatsoever. The whole game consists of "sneak in - grab sh*t - sneak out". Not kidding. Every single mission. If you've played three chapters, you've played them all. Sometimes you have to beat some guys up. Beating people up is fun, correct? Well, not if the combat system gives you a vomiting reflex. You're able to punch, punch a little harder and block. That's all. A fight consists of constant button mashing and pressing the spacebar (I'm talking about the PC version but I can assure you the game is equally horrible on all platforms) to end this parody of a fight. The only remotely entertaining part of a fight is the finishing move, too bad there's only THREE of them. You can reverse your opponent's attacks, but I always did the reverse attacks by accident, because it's nearly impossible to hit the right button in time.

Yep, there's quicktime events too. I have nothing against QTE's, but in this game they are f***king ridiculous. You're supposed to hit a button a second after it appears on screen. A second. I've played Fahrenheit on expert and even that wasn't so sadistic. I have pretty good reflexes but I think I didn't complete a single QTE part on the first try.

You can earn money by fighting in underground fights (that is, if you can endure the horrible fighting system) and spend it on tattoos. Nothing else, just tattoos. Actually, the tattoos are pretty cool, but they're pointless. The loading screen says "tattoos will help you look like a real con". Riiiight. They have no effect on other people's opinion on you. You can tattoo yourself with skulls, knives and the word "MURDERER" across your back but other cons will still address you as "fishy".

The graphics are 2006-ish. The only thing they did right is the character likenesses. Speaking of character likenesses, what the hell are the actors doing in this piece of crap? Not to mention they didn't try to put any emotion in their voices, with the exception of Robert Knepper.

The character of Paxton is as bland as a cement wall. Also, why the hell doesn't a guard react when Paxton uses the voice recorder right in front of him?

Also, did I mention that there's SPOILERS in the goddamn achievement section? You get an achievement, there's no explaination what it means, you look it up in the achievement section and BAM, there's the whole plot on a silver platter. It's like the developers couldn't care less about their product.

This game is boring, awfully repetitive, broken in all aspects, annoying, sometimes mind-blowingly easy, sometimes nearly impossible. A pathetic try to cash in on the show's success. I can't believe I brought myself to finish it when I could've played Assassins Creed 2, Metro 2033 or Arma II.