User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia PC
Current State Of Games : There are big big companies like EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft or Blizzard which employ around 100 to 150 people out of which some are creative directors, producers, animators, sound effects directors etc. etc.

Result, they produce games like Assassin's Creed or Crysis, which they make it famous using Promos, Ads.

REWIND TIME, as they popularly do it in Prince Of Persia Sand Trilogy and rewind the time to 1989 and you get Jordan Mechner.

This is a guy who single handedly produced this CLASSIC called Prince Of Persia. If not for him i highly doubt if Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time would have been ever made.

The PRODUCTION, Animation, direction, Sound Effects were all done by ONE MAN and that is this guy Jordan Mechner.

JM followed a very simple method called ROTOSCOPY in which he closely studied all the movements of his teenager brother and thus made this game very simple. That's where the look, dress and the height of prince of persia came.

There is young lad who is a poor boy and he and the princess fall in love. This is not liked by the vizier who captures the princess and would kill her in 60 minutes. Yes, as you may have guessed you have 1 hour to save the princess and become the prince of persia and finish the game else GAME OVER.

Gameplay is simple. You start out without a sword. You have to search for it and find it then kill the enemies. There are portions Red which give you health, Blue is poison and others like Green etc. The best part of the game is the LETHAL and DEADLY traps and the gore was amazing. This is unfortunately missing in Today's Prince Of Persia games. The slicer trap cut you in half. The FAMOUS spikes below Bore through the prince's legs. There are 14 Levels and show Simplicity as its best. The best thing about this game is that you really feel as if you are playing. I remember the way i used to get angry, frustrated, scared or sad whenever the prince used to get killed by those soldiers or those deadly traps. Even my 8 year old cousin now shows the same reaction i used to show 15 Years back which shows that this game can be played even by today's Kids!!

Graphics is good for that time. Considering its done in C++ and by one man i would give graphics a rating of 10/10. All the levels had the same maps and the burning flames, soldier's graphics, prince's graphics and the traps most importantly were all amazing for that time.

This is considered the greatest 2D game of PC (MS DOS). And i wouldnt disagree. This is the first ever 2D game (I am not considering Karateka as it was by the same man and it was not so much of a hit). Also POP is the first ever game that introduced the concept of CINEMATICS. Which hit games of today like Half Life, Prince Of Persia Sand Trilogy have. Also Prince Of Persia gives the best Persian or Arabian feel and really makes you feel like you are in Ancient Persia and how it feels like to be a Prince.

All in all, after reading this review dont expect a lot from this game. Man it doesnt even run on any PC these days. But for 1991(when i played it), this is the game that got me addicted to gaming.

Graphics - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Story - 9/10
Value - 10/10
Tilt - 10/10

Overall - 9.9/10.