Can't be compared to Diablo, 'cause this one is much better!

All the comments I hear from people about 'Titan Quest' are about the similarty of the game to Diablo. Well, its really not the same.

Although also Diablo and Titan Quest share the same like fighting engine they are diffrent in many ways.

In Titan Quest you'll start as a young handsome man or woman with a toga. sounds wierd? it is. later on you'll get quest that doesn't really connect to one another and battle your way through thousends of creatures and douzens of bosses.
You'll level up, and upgrade your expertise;
There are 8 expertise in the game moving from 'Earth Mastery' to 'Spirit Mastery' and on and on.

The only thing I found wrong in this game is the Mastery upgrades,
Your Mastery has about 8 Skills which you can upgrade or add Skills that connect with the ones you already got.
Its nice. but I wasn't satisfied.

Overall its a really good game and I recommend it to all!