Prince of Persia Trilogy Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. The Sands of Time Trophies

    Code Effect
    Obtain the Dagger of Time Sand Bearer
    Play the game for over 10 hours Sands of Time
    Kill 150 enemies Sand Apprentice
    Rewind time 200 times Master of Time
    Find and drink from all hidden fountains Secret of Argabah
    Finish the game Prince of Sand
    Kill 300 enemies Sand Warrior
    Complete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times Game Master
    Collect all 48 Sand Clouds Sand Collector
    Obtain all other trophies Prince of Persia
    Activate castle's defences Full Circle
    Defeat your father One Hard Decision
    Obtain the first sword Sword of Strength
    Survive the elevator fight The Elevator
    Obtain the third sword Ultimate Sword
    Kill the vizier The Big Fight
  2. The Two Thrones Trophies

    Code Effect
    Complete the game on Easy Mortal
    Complete the game on Normal Assassin
    Kill 50 enemies with a Speed Kill Silent Prince
    Kill 100 enemies using a secondary weapon Dual Wielder
    Kill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince Dark Warrior
    Complete the game on Hard Shadow Warrior
    Complete the horse cart sequences Horse Racing
    Obtain all 6 Sand Tanks Time Adept
    Seal all the Sand Portals Sealed Portals
    Get all life upgrades Healthy
    Obtain all Sand Powers Sand Might
    Collect 10 000 Sand Credits Sand Collector
    Complete the game in any difficulty without dying Sand Snake
    Obtain all other trophies Two Thrones
    Kill the Giant Mountain Climber
    Kill the two Bosses Double Trouble
    Kill the Vizier Revenge
    Destroy 200 objects Berserker
  3. Warrior Within Trophies

    Code Effect
    Complete the game on Easy difficulty Fighter
    Complete the game on Normal difficulty Warrior
    Use all Time Powers at least once Time Weaver
    Grab and throw 100 enemies Grappler
    Decapitate 150 enemies Exceutioner
    Kill 100 enemies using a dual wield weapon technique Dual Wielder
    Play the game for 10 hours Adventurer
    Throw weapon at enemies 50 times Throwing Master
    Complete the game on Hard difficulty Hero
    Obtain all hidden artwork The Art of Sand
    Get all life upgrades Maximum Capacity
    Complete the game in any difficulty without dying Undefeated
    Obtain all other trophies Warrior Within
    Reach the Island of Time Land on the Horizon
    Obtain the Water Sword Water Sword
    Defeat the Giant Golem Rock 'n' Roll
    Defeat the Griffin Legendary Creature
    Obtain the Secret Ending Secret in the Sand
    Defeat the Empress - Normal Ending Royal Battle
    Defeat the Dahaka - Secret Ending Black Sand
  4. Unlock PoP first level in 3D

    Start a new game. Stay on the balcony and hold L3 (left analog stick). Then, quickly input the following cheat:

    Code Effect
    X, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle, X, Square, O Unlocks the original Prince of Persia's level in 3D!