With the responsability of rebooting the WWE Wrestling games comes WWE12

No doubt about the great expectations that we all WWE fans had about this one, and with the them, we face the fact that genre is kinda hard to be more innovative.

WWE12 was intended to be the risen phoenix of the wrestling games, but it isn´t. With some options missing like an exit button everytime u finish a match at WWE Universe or.. the fact that being victim of a pin and the "kicking out system" start once referee had been counted 1... is that kind of error who made WWE12 ship sink.

In the other hand WWE12 delivers simple and plain fun if u don´t want to go too much technical and you only want to have a good and simple match against your friends.

WWE12 also present us very interactive ways to create content such videos, or characters, and those, present a good offer to entertain us beyond the game itself.