This game was awesome, i don't see why it received such a lame score. >:(

This game was awesome, i don't see why it received such a lame score. >:(
The graphics weren't the best, but they still gave you the chance to pretend you were the one beating up the bad guys with a helmet as a weapon.

Yes, the one-faced soldiers got annoying but it's still pretty funny XD. Magerius, the man who bought you, had amazing graphics on his face, and it shows you this countles times. This is just one example, but if you played it you'll also see that not just the faces or the bodys, but the weapons and armor are mostly good (besides the skinny, paper thin ocreas) and the textures on everything have a gruesom amount of obvious skill, patience and love in them.

As for gameplay, this game tries to bring you in to its grips of fun, but sometimes you just have to put the controller down for a couple of hours. This moslty happens when you win loads of bling and get owned by some giant elephant later on in the day. This was the only snare for gameplay for me; i just don't like how you save once a day. I can see how they tried to make the game harder by that, but the game is still pretty easy in most aspects. The only other hard part would be fighting someone in a duel who you don't know if you could win against.

To clear up that last paragraph for you, this is how a day in the life of the man you'll be playing in this game.
Part 1- A)Wake up from your room. If your a Low Rank slave then you'll be awoken among other Low Rank slaves in your room. You'll have a place to junction all of your skills to, but the crappyness of the room makes you want to jump into a statue.
B) If you are a Middle Rank slave then you'll be awoken in a private, but small, room 1 floor above your last crapshack. Here you'll see a chest used for showing off your equipment, or just trying it on and running into the wall to see if tilting your character's body into the wall with a weapon wil break it. Same basics of the Low Rank room, but an equipment chest and more brightness.
C) If your High Rank, then you'll be witnessing a large, bright, two bedded room with a treasure chest. woot. Exact same as the Middle Class one, except the location of the room is besides Magerius's (the guy who bought you) office place.

Part 2- A)This is if you don't have anything to do. That is, if you don't have an Arena match to go to. That's right, a day off. You can go around and train, explore and anger the guards if you'd like to. You get to train in two training things, and you can just repeat the same training thing again if you want. After your done training for the day, its grub time. After youre done eating your stat boosting meals, its bed time.
B) This is where i was trying to get to, but i couldn't just tell you this part and not every other part. :). Wake up, go outside and watch or skip an FMV of Magerius selecting whos going to either the Atelius(i think) Arena or Colosseum. If you're lucky then you get to choose if you want another training day or go earn some money. Once you arrive at the Arena or Colosseum, you can explore and talk to the crowd to get a stone thrown at your head, money bag or Skill tablet. Now, once you're ready, you ebter the Barracks-like area which is also the entrance to the place where you fight. Here you can steal any weapons/armor/shields that you want and go sell them for 10%, or just leave them. You could use these for newbie weapons, but hand to hand is usually best until an enemy drops a good weapon, or until you have enbough to go buy some of the best weapons in the Arma (weapon, armor and shield shop). Now, -finally- we get to the part where i wanted to be. Here, you can choose to fight all 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or none of the matchs that it gives you. The bad thing about this part is if you've owned 5/6 of them and earned very amazing equipment, or just a lot of money, and the last match is you against someone who you can't take then you lose everything you've received form that day. This includes experience recieved from using weapons, and it also includes weapons, money and, well, everything you got that day. Yes, you could either give up half your funds or $1000 (depending on your situation), but doing that WON'T give you back your time spent on that day! At the beginning, each day could take up an hour fo your time! Sometimes they take p even more.

As for sound, it's mostly good. One flaw remains there to annoy you to death. When you're training with the body builder, all he says is 3 repeating things out randomly. "right on! right! excellent!" I'm not sure if those were the 3 words, but they anger you. Very much.Besides the looping, the Sound would of been amazing.

Sorry for this Walkthough/Review :P but I had to put you in the gamer's shoes to properly reviw this fantastic and unique game. :)